Three facts about Marietas Islands’ ‘hidden beach’

Arrmchair travel is our new fave thing and we love getting lost in pictures and videos of all the amazing places we're going to visit in the future. [...]

Arrmchair travel is our new fave thing and we love getting lost in pictures and videos of all the amazing places we’re going to visit in the future. High up on our list is Marietas Islands, their hidden beach is a total dream. Here’s three reasons why it needs to be on you ‘soon to visit’ list…

There is only one way to get to there

The first step is to hop on a charter boat or book a tour out to Marietas Islands National Park, a 45-minute ride from Punta Mita, in the south of Riviera Nayarit. Once there, visitors are asked to jump off the boat and swim close to the entrance. The beach is hidden underground and is only accessible by swimming through a tunnel. Its transparent waters and coral reefs are ideal for diving and snorkelling. 

Luxury within reach of only a few

Exclusivity is guaranteed. Access to the “hidden beach” is restricted to 117 people per day and a time slot of 20 minutes, which means visitors will need a prior reservation, especially during the UK winter months (Mexico’s summer).

Visitors won’t be “alone”

Marietas Islands are a wildlife sanctuary, home to many endangered bird species as well as rare coral reefs. The fauna that we can find in this paradise is made up of turtles, barber butterflies, humpback parrots or steel swallows, various species of fish, dolphins and humpback whales. Among these species, the peculiar blue-footed booby stands out, which we can only find in two parts of the planet: Marietas Islands and the Galapagos Islands.

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