One of the most common questions I get asked when people find out I am vegan is whether I wear leather. I do still wear leather sometimes. It seems really unsustainable to throw out all the leather items I already own so I still get wear out of my old leather bag and shoes. But when I need to buy something new, I go for these reliable, sustainable and vegan options.

  1. Ekster, the vegan smart wallet

I love my Ekster wallet. It is made from car windshields into a vegan material you would never know was not leather.

Plus it is a smart wallet which means that you can find it from wherever you are in the world using its solar-powered tracker card. If you are anything like me and lose your wallet or purse constantly, then this is the perfect, vegan solution.

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2. Labante London vegan handbags

Labante London is a gorgeous, ethical designer brand which makes rucksacks, totes, purses and wallets in recycled, vegan leather.

Each handbag is made from between seven and 25 reclaimed and reused plastic bottles and even their dyes and glues are 100% free from animal products.

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3. Dr Martens vegan shoes

One of my favourite purchases since becoming vegan is my pair of 1490 high boots from Dr Martens.

You can get boots or shoes in maroon or black and these are versatile, durable and ethical. You would never know they aren’t real leather and even ‘soften’ like the real thing after a few walks.

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