Three of the Best Vegan Milk Chocolate Bars

Three of the best vegan milk chocolate bars out there.

Thinking about going vegan but worried about how you will survive without milk chocolate? Never fear as we have found the three best vegan milk chocolate bars out there.

I have been vegan for over two years now and milk chocolate is probably what I miss the most. I have come across all sorts of vegan chocolate in my time but I know when a bar really rivals the dairy version. Here are my three top picks.

  1. The Vego bar

With its nutty and creamy flavour and crunchy chunks of hazelnut, this is some seriously indulgent chocolate heaven. Honestly tastes like nutella in a bar and I can never believe it’s vegan. The bar is also satisfying large so never leaves you wanting more.

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2. NOMO bars

NOMO stands for ‘No Missing Out’ as all their bars are free from gluten, nuts and dairy. But you wouldn’t know it, they have an extensive range that’s full of flavour, from hazelnut to creamy choc and caramel with sea salt. Particularly perfect for friends with other dietary requirements too.

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3. Ombars

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If you like coconut then you will love the Coco Mylk Ombar. Plus it’s super healthy because it’s raw and organic, made from cocoa butter, creamed coconut, coconut sugar and organic cacao from Ecuador. You can also get strawberry milk, mandarin and blueberry acai, vanilla and raspberry flavours. 

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