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Three of the Best Vegan Milks

More and more of us are going vegan or ditching dairy.

More and more of us are going vegan or ditching dairy. And that usually means switching to a vegan milk made from soya, nuts or oats.

Having been vegan for two years now, I get a lot of questions about vegan milk. Including the sustainability and taste credentials of the various options.

So I have put together my top three milks to try – with two oat milks on the list because oats are demonstrably better for the planet than almonds or soya.

1. Minor Figures Oat M*LK

Minor Figures is a cold brew coffee start-up that launched its oat milk last year.

It tops the list because it is perfect in coffee. It never curdles, foths and foams exactly like dairy milk and enhances the flavour of any coffee roast. All ingredients in the milk are certified organic and it is Soil Association accredited too.

Oats are one the best choices for sustainability. They need far less water than almonds to grow and they tread far more lightly on local ecosystems than soybeans.

For more information, visit www.minorfigures.com.

2. Good Hemp Seed Milk

Compared to most other vegan milk sources, hemp is awesome for the planet. It is naturally pest and weed resistant, it uses little water and nutrients and is practically waste-free. Hemp plants breathe in four times more carbon dioxide than trees – Good Hemp describes them as little vacuum cleaners for the air.

Good Hemp source their hemp seeds in France and make them into milk on their farm in Devon. This is a company who is passionate about doing better for the planet.

While it doesn’t have as much protein as other vegan milk sources, hemp is naturally rich in Omega 3 & 6. And the taste test? I found it delicious in porridge and tea.

For more information, visit www.goodhemp.com.

3. Oatly Oat Drink Semi

Oatly are renowned for their bold advertising campaigns and are an industry leader in vegan milk.

My favourite of the wide range of oat products they produce is Oat Drink Semi which is a delicious replacement for dairy semi-skimmed. Great on oatmeal, on corn flakes, in smoothies and, in my humble opinion, coffee too.

You can find an in-depth sustainability report on Oatly’s website which gets into the nitty-gritty of their waste management, land use, water use etc. Basically these guys care a lot about making the world a more sustainable place – whilst recognising that this is a complex process.

For more information, visit www.oatly.com.

Cover photo credit: Good Hemp.