Trying veganuary but struggling a little for inspiration? House of Coco writer Rachael Lindsay has been vegan for four years this Veganuary. She recommends her top three vegan spreads to add yummy texture and flavour to your month.

1 – ManiLife Peanut Butters

Peanut butter is so versatile. I recommend putting a spoon in Thai curries or to add flavour and protein to veggie noodles. I also love putting a dollop of ManiLife’s brand-new Cocoa Peanut Butter in my porridge each morning.

With no sweeteners or palm oil, ManiLife peanut butter is pretty much the best peanut butter you can get. They grow their peanuts on a family-run farm in Argentina and deep roast them for a rich, creamy flavour. Each pot in the ManiLife range is 100% vegan and contains less than five ingredients.

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2 – Nut Blend butters

If you aren’t a fan of peanut butter then go straight for a Nut Blend butter. With flavours from cacao, cashew and almond to coconut, macadamia and almond, these are super healthy with no added sugar and only natural spices. Nut blend butters are a brilliant ingredient to enrich your vegan baking and I would recommend including them in pancakes or banana bread. Their website has lots of great recipes you can try.

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3 – Bonsan Savoury Spreads

If you are bored of hummus and want a vegan dip for your crisps or a new filling for your sandwich, try Bonsan’s savoury spreads. All are vegan and free from palm oil. They cater to all tastes but I particularly like the beetroot and horseradish as well as the lentil and turmeric. For cream cheese lovers, Bonsan also offers an authentic almond crème that you can enjoy on a bagel (which are almost always vegan too!).

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