Three Useful Products To Help You Stay Healthy On Holiday

We here at House of Coco LOVE to travel. But as many frequent travellers out there might know, sometimes all that travel can take a toll on your health. We have come up with three tips to help you stay healthy on holiday so that you can enjoy yourself to the full without compromising on health.


Stock up on Polyphenol 5 supplements when fruit and veg are hard to come by

Does anyone else find that when they are eating out a lot on holiday that they don’t get their recommended five fruit/veg a day? Even when there is delicious-looking fruit and veg at a market stall, in some countries you need to wash these thoroughly before eating, and this can be tricky if you are on the go!

So that you don’t have to worry about it, Hellenia has launched a handy little supplement called Polyphenol 5. It gives you the equivalent antioxidants of consuming five fruit and veg a day. It is such an easy vitamin like hack that I sometimes use it in everyday life too! But when you are travelling, it is a must.

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Get a blast of oxygen with Boost Oxygen when the air quality is poor

I adore navigating the streets of Bangkok, New Delhi or Hong Kong. But the air quality can be so poor in big, polluted cities with a really negative impact on our health.

Initially used by athletes, Boost Oxygen’s fans include Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss. It is a natural solution to the negative effects of low oxygen levels such as low energy, a lack of concentration and exhaustion. The portable, travel size can comes in aromas such as pink grapefruit, eucalyptus and peppermint and can even help with travel sickness.

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Keep Skin Glowing with Saint Iris Adriatica Wake-Up Droplets

Getting out in the sun is one of my favourite things about travelling but it can leave the skin parched and sun damaged.

Fab beauty brand, Saint Iris Adriatica, has launched new wake-up droplets to be used on the face and body to soothe inflammation, protect against free radicals, encourage even skin tone and boost skin health. With mountain daisy extract and pomegranate enzymes, it smells as good as it feels on the skin and aids good quality sleep too – vital when recovering from jet lag!

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