If you are planning a big celebration as a host, there is a lot to consider when it comes to the perfect event. Have you chosen the right location? Does the room concept match any motto that may have been set? What about the lighting, and what access and parking options are available to your guests? Our small catering guide should give you a little guidance and help with important things relating to your event.

For you and your guests or customers, an event is not only an excellent opportunity for networking but also your very own personal business card. It is all the more important that you ensure perfect service and an all-round carefree package on your big day and show your guests how much you value them. But how do you find the perfect catering service, and what should today’s modern caterers do?

As a perfect host, you take care of your guests, have a cultivated conversation, pay attention to non-verbal signals, and the well-being of those present. Of course, you also want to enjoy the evening yourself and not have to worry about getting food and beverages all the time. To devote full attention to your guests, it is advisable to hire a catering Hong Kong service that takes care of the physical well-being of those present.

In the following blog post, we would like to provide you with valuable tips and information on your event’s perfect success.

The service provider – which equipment & tabletop does your caterer offer?

When choosing the right Hong Kong catering service and the tasting and choice of dishes, the catering service equipment is at least as important. At this point, you should know what you are looking for and how your location is equipped. Is there a kitchen? Are there buffet tables and cutlery? If not, you have to agree with your chosen caterer that they bring equipment with them.

This can be anything from seating and bar tables to table linen to glasses, crockery, and cutlery. You can also request an offer for decoration and mobile technology elements such as sound systems, refrigerators, dispensing systems, cables, and amplifiers at most companies. It almost goes without saying that most caterers provide a service for holding containers and serving dishes. However, asking questions does not hurt in case of doubt.

How do you choose the right service?

Which caterer you want to book depends first and foremost on your personal preferences. In addition to good service and good products, you should make sure that you feel comfortable in the caterer’s presence and that the caterer gives you a good feeling for price and performance.

Read some experience reports in advance about the caterers on your shortlist and ask friends or acquaintances who may have already had experience with the service you have selected. Take a look at the impressions and the customer list of the catering company.

Choosing the right catering in Hong Kong is just as difficult as choosing the right location. It is best to rely on your gut instinct and experience gained – if you have a good feeling and maybe even tasted the meal beforehand, you usually can’t go wrong.

We at zebratasty will be happy to advise you and if you already know everything, then order your next catering online.


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