Online shopping offers some of the best shopping experiences one can imagine; talk of convenience, flexibility, and honesty, online shopping is undisputedly the best. However, if you are not careful, this new trend can give you a run for your money. There are several ways you can save money, get Shop For Credit Before You Buy tips from Gordon Simmons to make the most of your purchases.

So, how can you avoid compromising your budget while doing online shopping and still get quality products? There is the obvious such as using discount codes, for example, these sams club coupons. This post outlines various tips you can use to get better deals online that you may not have thought of. Read on for more.

  1. Shop incognito.

Usually, most online shopping sites practice dynamic pricing models based on location, past shopping, or browsing history. Therefore, it means that when you shop incognito, the site will identify you as a new client, and the rates will change accordingly, most likely in your favor.

However, there are different ways you can achieve this. You can shop incognito by constantly clearing your browsing data and cookies, opening a new window, use separate email addresses or phone numbers to list as a new customer.

  1. Use cart abandonment trick.

This is one of the common strategies for most online shoppers for getting rebates. It works by loading all the products you need into the shopping basket then walking away without paying for them.

While it may not sound like a good shopping habit, the idea is to get the ecommerce owners to get back to you with a discounted offer on your already purchased items.

Though not every site will respond to your cart abandonment or even offer you the expected discount offer, it is still important to try it out.

  1. Enroll as a reward member.

Generally, online business depends on repeat customers. And to maintain this loyalty, they offer several reward programs to keep clients coming back to their businesses.

Their baits commonly include a promise of an additional discount when you subscribe to their various programs, fill out a form, or join their buyer’s club. Giving out different information like buying habits and your email contacts may qualify you for a better deal or gift on your next shopping.

If you are sure of coming back to shop from a particular online shopping platform and don’t have a problem sharing some of your details, joining a reward club can offer more benefits to you.

Apart from the rewards, you’ll get important notifications about new products, services, or any promotional message before it is released to the public.

  1. Take advantage of other rebate sites.

An e-commerce membership reward program is not the only available method you can accumulate rebates. There are several rebate sites that you can use to link you with your preferred online shopping platforms.

Such portals do not sell or offer any services, but they get commissions by directing links to sites that provide e-commerce services. To keep you loyal to their sites, they split the commission with you on any purchase ranging from 2-20%.

There are a lot of rebate sites with varied terms and conditions, but, to be eligible for rebate payout, you must collect an agreed amount of commission. So the best thing to do is to enroll in more than one rebate site.

  1. Use e-commerce’s recommended credit cards or payment options.

Giant online retailers usually offer credit card discounts, including rewards or double points, by using their preferred cards or other payment methods.

A great example of this is Amazon. When you combine a card and a site having variety and decent options, you can earn points or make extra savings on products you’ll purchase on their platform.

If you are not a good bargainer, you may design your online shopping to leverage the benefits of the extra points with these programs and still get better deals on all that you need with a one-stop shopping experience.


Online shopping is undoubtedly the best owing to its flexibility, convenience, and hassle-free experience. However, getting better deals or low-priced items online need thorough research and patience.

Once you decide on the items you want and which sites offer them, apply the tricks and tips discussed herein to get discounts while shopping online. Lastly, don’t drag the discussion; call it quits if you find the talks heading nowhere.


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