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Tips For Making Your New Home Feel Older

Tips For Making Your New Home Feel Older

It's undeniable that more homes need to be built in the UK.

August 13th, 2022

It’s undeniable that more homes need to be built in the UK. However, there are many questions about the quality of what little supply is so far offered.

Though new homes are more likely to have faults, there have been many complaints that they’re also ugly to behold too. Aesthetics might not seem like the biggest priority, but properties need to look nice so that residents truly feel at home.

Often, a new home can feel void of character and barren. The age of a property can make it feel more lived in and thrilling. Consequently, if you’ve just moved into a new home, here are some tips to help you make it feel older.

Score an Older Floor

The floor is everything in a property. Everything from materials used to the condition it’s in can communicate age and experience.

The reclaimed terracotta tiles from Lubelska are of exceptionally high quality. They’ve installed their stock in Victorian, Tudor, and Edwardian buildings. Moreover, these floors are also hard-wearing, meaning they only look better with age and wear. They are strong and durable, fit period and modern surroundings in equal measure, and are reminiscent of ancient worlds in both the east and west.

Begin with the roots of your property as you age it up. After that, all the other pieces will fall into place in terms of style, tone, and theme. From there, you have a solid foundation of inspiration to draw on and build from.

Feature Antiques Artwork

Part of making a home feel older involves creating a sense of storytelling. Few things evoke that craft more in home décor than antique artwork

Obviously, digital artistry is something of a recent phenomenon in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, your house can feel older when you’re hanging real and alive paintings, almost leaping out from the canvas. Imperfections, traces of brush strokes, and even just the canvas’s texture can all create a reflective atmosphere.

The subject of the artwork can be important too. After all, some paintings have more historical than others. A good suggestion would be to procure canvas artwork that captures parts of your local area at a particular in history. How did that space look then compared to now? Featuring this type of artwork can imply your property is reaching out to history and has been around longer than anyone.

You can also explore thrift stores where you may stumble across bargains on historical art. There can be a thrill to this chase, and at the end of it, your house can feel much older for it.

Feature Nature

Though there’s a push for sustainability, much of modern society’s inner workings depend upon nature’s destruction. Few things grow where a new building has been constructed.

Incorporating tall, luscious, and growing plants into your property can create the impression that your home has been wild and free for a long time. After all, greenery has been around longer than any human ever has, and some trees are standing tall today that are older than any human.

The bigger and louder your plants are, the more the accent of age will stand out for your new home. Arrange something bold and spectacular.



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