Tips for Nailing the Most Popular Hair Style

Whether you like experimenting with new hairstyles or you just fancy a change, you’ll never struggle for inspiration. With so many on-trend styles out there, you’re spoilt for choice with your next hairdo. 

But which are the hottest trends for 2019? And how can you nail these looks to perfection? 

Below, we show you how (and if you want to take your hair styling to the next level, don’t forget to kit yourself out with all the professional tools available at places like Capital Hair & Beauty. 

Easy Bangs 

Bangs can really change your overall look, but you don’t need to sacrifice your long hair in order to do this. Longer bangs can really bring this style to life, adding an extra dimension to your long locks. Just keep them easy to style by having them longer and drying them to either side of your head. This creates a gorgeous, flowing and elegant look. 

Cute Crops

If shorter hair is more your thing, why not take inspiration from Kate Hudson and opt for the choppy crop? It’s short but still boasts plenty of sex appeal – if not more! And the beauty of this is that you can wear it lovely and choppy one day and super sleek and chic the next!

Textured Bob

Fancy cutting your hair but don’t want to go too dramatic too soon? Then a bob may be the perfect in between. 

Textured bobs give you some real sass and don’t take much maintenance. Keeping this choppy look rather than opting for the poker-straight style really gives it some style and is ideal if your hair boasts some great natural waves.

High Ponytails 

This retro look is so in right now. In fact, the 90s is dominating many trends this year. So start slicking back your hair into a high ponytail – Ariana Grande style. 

Messy Bun 

You’ll probably see the majority of women with longer hair adopting the messy bun for summer. It’s low-maintenance and helps keep you cool. Plus, it flatters the majority of face shapes. Megan Markle’s also a huge fan, so that’s good enough for us. 

Just make sure your hair’s textured and has a few curls then scrunch back without much thought to achieve the messy-yet-gorgeous finish. 

Wrap It Up in a Scarf 

Hair scarves are all over the place and are another ideal item for those warmer summer months when you can’t stand your hair being on your face. Go bold and patterned and start experimenting because there are no rules when it comes to this trend. Keep some fringe out, tuck it all in, tie your hair up or leave it down. The possibilities are endless! 

Top Knots 

Yet another trend we’ll see trying to avoid the sweaty-hair-stuck-to-our-faces look is the top knot. However, this is far removed from the perfectly-preened bun. This is a DIY bun that looks effortless because it isn’t perfect. If there’s a little bit hanging out and a few wispy bits around your face – you’ve nailed it, girl. 

So there you have it – the top trends that are ridiculously easy to replicate this year. And have you noticed what the common denominator of them all is? 

They take minimal effort and aren’t about grooming yourself to perfection. Hallelujah!

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