The pug is a kind of child for the owner – the appearance of such a dog breed in the house will change many rules and habits. This dog will require constant attention, companionship, affection, and love. Even though the owner will gain undeniable advantages, it cannot be said that caring for a pug will not be difficult.

This breed is practically not adapted to independent existence on the outside and can survive only at home. The maintenance of this dog does not require significant material costs, but it will take a lot of time and patience from the owner. These dogs have specific skin folds on their faces, which require special hygienic care in hot weather. Also, the owner of a pug needs to know that the ear canal has a specific flattened shape in this breed. For this reason, a dog’s ears require special attention. They need constant, careful examination and hygiene procedures.

Temperament and character

Pugs are kind and sociable, love to play. At the same time, they do not differ in the excessive activity. They like taking a nap much more. Dogs of this breed are intelligent, easy to train. By nature, pugs are partners, get along well with all family members, and love children. Keeping a pug requires attention to the diet – these pets love to eat.


Dogs of this breed love to sleep in the owner’s bed, even if they have their own place or a comfortable dog bed. They like to sleep but usually snore hard.Your beloved pet should be accustomed to its sleeping place from the first days of the stay in your apartment or house. Otherwise it will live in your bed and it will be hard to break such a habit.

Pugs are smaller, so dog beds tend to be more affordable and more comfortable to store. They also benefit from beds that help reduce pressure on their hips and help them sleep with their heads a little elevated to help with breathing issues.

The dog also sheds a lot, so it is not advised to get such a breed for those who are allergic to animal hair. They love to eat very much, and it is advisable to monitor the pug’s diet strictly. If the correct feeding regimen is not followed, the dog quickly gains weight, affecting its health.

Living conditions

Keeping a pug in an apartment demands creating a safe place for it away from drafts and heating radiators. A plastic bed with a special pillow or a small mattress is suitable for this. It is better to choose an open bed for the dog than a closed house because it loves to be in society.

It would be best if you walked the dog daily, creating sufficient physical activity because dogs with large muscle mass can get muscle atrophy, and it can cause rapid death of the animal. Due to the dog’s respiratory system’s special structure, it can quickly overwork from running, especially in hot weather. It is undesirable to leave the dog for a long time in a stuffy or damp place, in strong sun or frost.

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Pug food

Features keeping in an apartment and caring for pugs includes the correct selection of food. For feeding your dog, it is better to choose ready-made diets with a high energy value. These foods for small dogs contain a high percentage of proteins, digestible fats, and carbohydrates and do not lead to excess weight in the pet. You’d better not overfeed the dog or feed it from your table! According to advice from Dr. Linda Simon on this research of dry foods for dogs you can and should also add vitamins and dog treats made from natural products to the diet.

Food choice for a puppy depends on what kind of food it was fed in the first months of life. Natural foods or ready-made wet food for dogs can be fed from 3 months, gradually adding them to the usual diet. Ready-made canned food contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed for the full development and growth of a puppy.

Pug carrier

A pug carrier is not only the easiest way to transport your pet to the veterinarian but also an indispensable accessory in everyday life that provides comfort to the owner and his four-legged friend during walks, long trips, and flights. These products come in different designs and differ in purpose. Therefore, before buying a carrier, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the range presented.


When choosing a specific model, you should focus on the following characteristics:

  • material. The best option would be a product with a durable synthetic or natural lining since the satin inner surface can quickly become unusable if your pet often sharpens its nails;
  • safety. It would help if you chose bags adapted to protect the animal from the external environment;
  • the size. For these dogs, a small carrier is needed, but not cramped, because the pet wants to move at least a little during transportation;
  • fittings. Its strength and quality are especially relevant when transporting pug puppies because they are not yet used to this way of moving and may try to gnaw their way to escape;
  • accessories. The toys inside will be good entertainment for active animals, thanks to which they will not constantly fidget or get bored.

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Pug puppy care

Pug care includes regular brushing. Due to heavy shedding, the dog must be combed out with a large comb at least once a week (some do this every day). It is worth combing in the direction of wool growth without pressing too much on the comb. The peculiarities of keeping a pug also include taking care of the folds on the pet’s face – food particles, discharge from the eyes, etc., are clogged in them. It is advisable to regularly clean these folds with a cotton pad with alcohol-free lotion (1-2 times a week).

It is also recommended to clean the ears of pugs at least once a week with cotton pads. The nails should be trimmed as they grow. Like other flat-faced dogs, the pug’s teeth are closely spaced and require regular cleaning.

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How to properly care for a pug at home? There are various guidelines on this topic. Most of them boil down to hygienic care. Among the mandatory procedures are the following:

  • bathing after a walk;
  • systematic nail trimming;
  • teeth health monitoring;
  • hair care;
  • ear health monitoring.

Special care, especially in hot weather, is required for the dog’s face. Wrinkles on the face can become rotten, causing severe irritation and dermatitis. To avoid such problems, they need to be treated with a cotton swab or ear stick.

So, the dog should be bathed once every three months with just running water or special shampoos; puppies should be bathed no earlier than 3 months of age. Dogs of this breed suffer from a specific eye disease – chronic corneal erosion. Therefore it is recommended to pay attention to defects in the eyes and immediately contact a veterinarian. Another problem is developing infections and fungi in the folds, which can appear with insufficient care. Colds may occur due to breathing problems.

Education and training

The upbringing of the dog should be started as soon as you bring the pet into the house. First of all, the dog is taught where to go to the toilet, where to sleep, and where to find the bowl. Feeding and walking are best done at about the same time. It is necessary to teach the dog to sleep exactly in its place, and not on the couch or in the owner’s bed. Puppies can whine for the owner to take them to the bed, and these tantrums will have to endure. Otherwise, it will be difficult to wean him from such a habit later.


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