Tips For Staying Cool And Safe In The Sun 

Summer is soon approaching, and it’ll feel like no time until it’s hot on your heels. Staying cool in the height of summer can be challenging, especially when the midday sun doesn’t show signs of relenting. Staying cool largely involves avoiding going into the heat of the day, and instead staying put inside until the latter stages of the day. It’s important to stay cool and safe in the summer, as you run the risk of heatstroke and burning if you expose your skin to the sun for too long. Be wise this summer, and stay cool and safe in the sun. Learn how to stay cool and safe by following these seven tips to follow.

Your Water Needs 

You will undoubtedly understand the importance of drinking water in summer, as you’re sweating at an increased rate and then sun is zapping your supplies. Drinking water helps you to stay cool and safe. When it comes to staying cool and safe using water, you’ve got many options at your disposal. A paddling pool might be a nice idea. Water removes sweat from your skin and encourages you to cool down. Having a cold shower might not sound particularly inviting, yet they can help to cool you down. Reduce the heat of your showers in summer and enjoy feeling warm when you exit from the having a shower. Be sure to make sure your water tank is in good working order after a potentially long and frosty winter. For water heater repair San Francisco, call the experts and ensure you’ve safe running water throughout the summer.

Get Your Car Into The Garage

Stay safe this summer by getting your car into the garage and given a clean bill of health with the help of a service. Stay cool and calm by having your air conditioning unit fixed if you’ve been experiencing some problems with it. It’s crucial that you’re able to remain cool and collected behind the wheel of a vehicle, so ensure you’re driving with the windows open or with the air-con switched on high. If you have any concerns about the working order of your car, then do not hesitate to get it looked at and checked over.

Air Conditioning 

If you have air conditioning fitted into your home, it may just be your saving grace when keeping the summer sun from warming your apartment. Stay cool by keeping the fresh air circulating around your home, and make sure you have the number of a professional who can fix the problem quickly and effectively in the case of your unit breaking down. You don’t want to be left suffering in the sweltering temperatures of summer, so ensure you to include the contact details of a local contractor in your phonebook. If you don’t have air conditioning, electric fans can be a great help, as can opening the windows to allow fresh air to pass through. Keep blinds down to stop the sun heating your home. Purify the air in your home by adding flowers and houseplants to the room of your place. Plants and flowers absorb carbon dioxide, and they release oxygen – making them perfect to have around in order to keep the air clean and smelling fresh.

Bed Clothes 

Egyptian cotton is great for keeping you cool, and it’s exceptionally soft too. Some materials can get very warm in summer, and you’ll struggle to get a good night’s sleep if you’re too hot and sweaty. Think about changing your regular bed clothes in favour of Egyptian cotton ones, or even soft silk. Replace your duvet with a thinner option to ensure that you don’t overheat as you sleep, and you wake up feeling refreshed instead of gasping for air in the heat of the summer morning. Make sure that you choose light colours over dark ones as softer tones such as white, cream, beige and baby blue do not absorb heat like deeper tones do; light colours reflect light and thus don’t carry as much heat in their fibres. Think about adding a fan on either side of your head, and switching them on to filter your bedroom at least an hour before you retire to bed.

Adapt Your Lifestyle

Just because it’s summer and you’re feeling happier and brighter, doesn’t mean that the world is a safer place, unfortunately. You should still remember to take care when walking home and be sure to not to drink and drive when you’re over the limit and continue to eat as part of a healthy diet whilst exercising. Summer is the perfect time to engage in more sporting activities outside with friends, so an idea may be to get back into running in the mornings before the heat of the midday sun is upon you. If you’re keen to swim in the summer, then join up at your local gym or pool. Listen to your body if it is suffering in the heat and do not exert yourself, as this can lead to more problems later on.

Protect Your Skin 

During the summer months, then the sun is unrelentingly hot, and it’s more important than ever to liberally apply SPF to your skin. The sun’s rays are powerful and can easily burn your skin and cause long-lasting damage if you’re exposed to it over time. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to spend hours in the heat of the sun to burn, as in fact, you can burn in just the space of a few minutes. Keep your skin moisturised throughout the summer and pay attention to dry spots and patches caused by sun exposure. Weleda skin food is great at keeping your skin feeling smooth and well hydrated, as is Doublebase gel. Be sure to purchase a soothing after sun treatment too, for the times your skin reddens and burns after exposure to the sun. It’s paramount that you remember to apply sun cream when it’s hot outside as the sun damage can seriously impact your health and could lead to further skin problems.

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