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Tips on How Not to Ruin Your Cooking Corner

Tips on How Not to Ruin Your Cooking Corner

Be it a renovation or a kitchen upgrade from scratch, many things come into play for designing your dream kitchen, as you see in https://www.kitchenroom.co.uk/kitchens.  While aesthetic features

July 17th, 2020

Be it a renovation or a kitchen upgrade from scratch, many things come into play for designing your dream kitchen, as you see in https://www.kitchenroom.co.uk/kitchens.

While aesthetic features like construction materials, colour schemes, and details matter, a proper layout is crucial. To go adrift in this fundamental aspect may make your kitchen less functional and appealing.

Here are some common layout errors and how you can avoid them.

Little or No Circulation Space

Inadequate circulation space in the kitchen makes it restricted and limits the free movement of people. It also brings more trouble if your kitchen happens to double as a thoroughfare. Improper circulation may also cause hindrance to the opening of appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators.

Hence, it is recommended to include adequate space between kitchen countertops/islands. Smaller kitchens have minimum spaces between the countertops, but you must aim for as much space as possible.

Picking Cabinets That Are Outdated or Small

Kitchen cabinetry comes in many varieties, and you may have a preferred style for your home. However, it is easy to lose yourself in style selection and end up choosing an outdated style. Make sure to pick cabinets that are trendy, practical, and that suit your home, like what you can see in https://www.kitchenroom.co.uk/kitchens.

Also, small cabinets may tempt you into buying because they add extra space to your kitchen. However, remember that you’ll need enough space to store all your glasses, plates, and accessories.

Larger cabinets provide plenty of storage space and do not let your cookware scatter. Consult an expert to ideate proper cabinet configuration that flows well with the remaining part of your kitchen.

Improper Measurement of Appliances

Floppy kitchen planning tends to have a direct impact on certain appliances like oversized refrigerators. Excessive protrusion will reduce circulation space and become an obstruction for opening cabinets and other kitchen appliances.

Smaller appliances like a blender, food processors, and microwaves need to be measured as well. Without proper storage, they can become a clutter by occupying most of your counter space. Avoid these hassles by selecting appliances before finalising your kitchen’s layout. Measure them correctly and ensure that the design can accommodate them in a concealed manner.

Not Including a Splashback

Did you think that a splashback is a minor kitchen design element to consider? Think again because it protects your walls from water damage while adding some originality and style to the kitchen. There are many design choices available, but you should choose the one that resonates with the rest of your kitchen design.

Based on your preference, you can decide to make the splashback either intricate or straightforward. While you are on to that splashback design, remember to include dominant colours found in your kitchen. It should also match the overall design theme of your kitchen. A splashback thus designed will add elegance and become a focal point in your home.

Not Using Lights in the Right Places

If the light fixtures are missing over your countertop, then you’ll end up cooking and cleaning in the shadows. Another common mistake is placing a high emphasis on aesthetics and completely ignoring the functionality.

While pretty lighting is visually appealing, they must also produce enough light over work surfaces. Consider installing the fixtures in the front rather than behind you or directly overhead. Pendant lights, downlights, and sconces can be installed on separate circuits for easy lighting control.

Forgetting the Functionality

The sink, fridge, and stove are the busiest areas in any kitchen and must be placed in locations relevant to one another. The layout should be such that it allows for free movement through the practical placement of these areas. Also, ensure that the cabinetry does not block the workflow when opened.

Kitchen construction or makeover often needs a perfect layout that avoids cramming elements. Being prudent with kitchen planning will help you meet the needs and be impressed with your new space.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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