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Tips to Make Your Home Kitchen Easy on the Eye

Tips to Make Your Home Kitchen Easy on the Eye

Kitchen is one of the most used and dirtiest parts of the house.

December 31st, 2019

Kitchen is one of the most used and dirtiest parts of the house. In it, different types of food are prepared, so stains and insects house themselves in it, making it smell stinky and messy.

Thus, if you have been using your kitchen for many years already, it might just be the perfect time to consider improving it to give it a new look and a fresher ambiance.

Here are helpful tips to Improve Your Kitchen

1. Try Decluttering Your Kitchen

Unnecessary items in your kitchen are nothing but trash somehow. They might be useful for some parts of the house, so might as well put them in their corresponding areas. A kitchen that is too crowded, no matter how clean, still does not look good. Thus, let go of or throw away things you do not use before you make a major renovation in your kitchen if you want such.

Here are examples of items you can declutter from your kitchen

Popcorn Maker
Excess Plastic Containers
Dish Towels
Old Cooking pan or pot

Expired can goods or food

2. Clean the Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is more than just getting rid of the dust, it goes even in the narrowest areas. Your kitchen might be having few stuff, but still, it does not look inviting? Why? Cause most areas are dirty and untidy.

Here are a few spots to clean.


Kitchen Sink
Counters and Stovetop
Sponge for dishwashing
Dining or kitchen table

3. Play with Lightings

You are done with cleaning and decluttering, now it’s decorating time. Are you having a gloomy-kind of kitchen? Well, it should not be the area of your house where you will feel sad or emotional as great tasting food and dishes are prepared here. No one will have the urge or motivation to cook in a kitchen that is too boring. Thus, play with great lightings.

Here are three types of lighting to consider.

Ambient Lighting or the main source of light
Pendant lighting for kitchen island
Task lighting or lighting for areas not reached by Ambient lights
Lighting for Accent to give emphasis to your favorite parts

4. Repaint Kitchen

This goes hand in hand with lighting. To make your kitchen more inviting, paint plays a big part in it. Imagine cooking your favorite dishes in a kitchen with a dark paint? Well, unless you are a lover of dark that you enjoy it. Go for light-colored paints for your walls and for surfaces. For the other parts, it is your prerogative.

5. Buy new Stuff

You have decluttered your kitchen, and you have let go of your old pans, pots and the like.You might be lacking some necessary stuff now, so might as well buy new kitchen must-haves with designs complementing your kitchen paint and lighting.

6. Call the Experts

Yes, you can start improving your kitchen yourself, but there are aspects you need help with and only home renovation experts do them best. Your kitchen interior design is an art that is so intricate that you can’t do it on your own. Have professionals to work with you on this more serious part. They execute the planning, designing and the actual renovation.

Final words

Yes, Kitchen is just one part of your house, but it says a lot about your whole family. Remember, it’s where you cook your favorite dishes with love, so might as well show some love to your kitchen by making it more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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