According to the numerological calendar, 2022 is the year of healing, harmony, and soul connections. Being the year of number 6, 2022 has a lot of aspects where we can expect the focus to shift from the external environment to our home front. This year, we all can expect to concentrate on our relationships and strengthen our connections. If you’re struggling to find inspiration on how to bond with your soulmate, here are a few tips to help you out!

  1. Re-learn who your person is becoming: People constantly change and grow as they age. It seems like we all have aged several years instead of just two in the last two years! Since such growth is a personal journey, you may find that your partner reacts differently to situations. However, changing is inevitable for everyone, just like the seasons. Get to learn the person they are becoming in their soul journey and let them know you; it is one of the most effective love languages.
  2. Communicate earnestly: Communication can make or break relationships. As per the opinion of an expert Edmonton divorce lawyer, most marriages that end up breaking could be saved; if only the partners put a better effort into communicating. When you communicate earnestly, it makes room for grace and empathy. Conscious communication ensures that both partners keep their egos in check and talk about the problematic aspects of life with compassion.
  3. Hold space for each other: Relationships are hard work and demand consistency from both partners, and this can look different for everyone. For some partners, it is not easy to open up despite being in a loving relationship for years together. Some may have an anxiety or emotional block that you may not know about, and vice versa. Both partners need to hold space for each other to be their authentic selves. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the love of your life.
  4. Respect your boundaries and theirs: When in the passionate phase of a relationship, people seldom think about things like boundaries because it seems mundane. However, as your relationship matures, the need to honour your boundaries and theirs becomes essential to sustain the bond. Start early and create some realistic boundaries regarding personal time and things that separate your identity.
  5. Honour your efforts: Every relationship is a two-way street, but the concept of heartache seems to revolve when one gives much more than they receive. If you feel that your efforts aren’t being matched, it is an excellent call to have an honest conversation about it with your partner. Sometimes, it is not intentional, and telling your partner how you would like them to show up for you can make a big difference.

Wrapping Up:

While the last two years have been challenging, they helped us all learn a new thing or two about life and our partners. As the new year starts, you can choose to actively enrich our relationship and thrive as a couple. We hope that these tips help you navigate 2022, bringing you both closer than ever.


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