Top 10 High-Speed Cars

While there are certain drivers who drive as cautiously as they can just so that they can get from point A to point B safely, there are others who have racing in their blood. Even if you can relate as a safe and steady driver, or if you love the fast and furious, make sure to get the best car insurance in Australia to keep you and your vehicle protected. The need for speed pushes them to step hard on the accelerator, traveling at the maximum speed that the roads allow them to. They aspire to be racers one day, and the louder the sound of the engine, the faster their hearts beat, yearning for adventure. Regardless of whether you are an aspiring racecar driver, or you are already a professional racer, these are some cars that you might fancy purchasing to satisfy your heart’s desire for speed. 

  1. Fiat 500 Abarth

This car is best suited for road courses and autocross, so if these are the areas of racing that you enjoy, this car may be the one for you. Despite it being a wrong-wheel drive with a not so pleasing exterior, this car can help bring your speed up extremely high, and serve as a great vehicle to enter for the SCCA’s Showroom Stock C class.

  1. Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Also suitable for road courses and autocross, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe may be the top of many people’s lists, due to its cheap rear-wheel drive, thus helping you save a ton for your wallet. Equipped with a set of powerful engines and an excellent steer, driving this baby is as simple as it can get. Though this is not the lightest car in the list, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe is definitely a strong contender against the rest.

  1. Ford Fiesta

This car is built for rally and B-spec, but it can cost a fortune to get your hands on this set of wheels. It has gained a reputation in the motorsport world and is extremely highly sought after. However, if you are on a tighter budget and getting the Fiesta WRC might just break the bank, you can opt for the cheaper front-wheel-drive rally car alternative, in the form of the Fiesta R2 and the new series of B-spec (showroom stock budget subcompacts). Even with the more affordable alternative, you are in good hands as this car has the capabilities to drive you straight to success.

  1. BMW 135i

The BMW 135i is a speedy and nimble vehicle that is great for road courses and autocross. Though it slightly pales in comparison to the BMW 335i which is known as the ultimate all-rounder car, the 135i does not fall very far behind. Its great ability for speed is known to many, chasing down notorious supercars like the exorbitant M3, ensuring that you are not compromising performance for a reduction in costs.

  1. Nissan Z

The Nissan Z is perfect for road courses and autocross, boasting of its high speeds that will make your adrenaline pump profusely. Though the slightly better-performing counterpart would be the 370Z which is certainly deemed the fastest with its downshift rev-matching on manual transmissions, the Nissan Z can still be considered comparable. With its reasonable price range, anyone with a budget will able to get their hands on this slick wheel.

  1. Subaru WRX

Presenting one of the best on the list, the Subaru WRX is perfect for road courses, autocross and rally racing. Apart from its extremely powerful engines that are attributed to one of the best dollar-to-performance ratios known in the auto car market, its sleek and stylish design is definitely a jaw-dropper. Suitable to be a day car and a racecar, get ready to wow the ladies and taunt the guys as you whisk this sick vehicle on the roads of Manhatten.

  1. Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Suitable for an off-road and desert rally, this dune racer is the car of everyone’s dreams when it comes to high performance with a stunning exterior. Designed to manage tough terrains and bumpy roads, this car gives you stability like no other. Though it is relatively more expensive as compared to other race cars, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is definitely worth your buck. Look forward to playing catch with other speedy competitors like the expensive Bowler Nemesis, and watch their eyes pop when you make a comeback with your new set of wheels while navigating through rough tracks.

  1. Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S

These two are tied on the list as they are pretty comparable to one another. They both share one common trait: a great weight distribution, that allows them to achieve a lower center of gravity than the impeccable Porsche Cayman. The parts of the car have been strategically placed such that the weight distribution is maximized, making the car extremely light-weight. Put on your turbo kit and voila! This demon of a racecar is about to wreak havoc around town!

  1. Local Motors Rally Fighter

Suitable for the off-road and desert rally, Local Motors have put together a unique car that has to be crowdsourced first before it is built by the people who buy it. Though this may seem like a strange business model, this monster has proved that such a business strategy works, and has even produced something so powerful and nimble to make the list! The name says it all, this fresh set of wheels boasts to be one of the best racers in the industry, showing off its ability for great speed and high control.

  1. 10.Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION

If you are an all-rounder racer whose niche is in several domains, the Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION is the perfect car for you. Suitable for road courses, autocross, and rally, this vehicle can withstand all sorts of conditions from tarmac to snow, proving to be one of the most adaptable cars out there. Regardless of which generation you pick, they have all proven to be the cream of the crop, ensuring that its high speed will leave you whisking off to success.


Though these have been acclaimed to be the best few in the market, it is important to do your research to find out which car works best for you. Think of what your priorities are and narrow down your list from there. With so many different models that promise the ability to achieve high speeds, the possibilities are endless and can be extremely overwhelming. Thinking through and doing proper research on the car that you are intending to purchase is crucial. And no one is rushing you! So take your time and find one that suits your needs, there is surely a model out there that is perfectly made just for you!

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