On Valentine’s Day, a time when some of our readers could feel isolated, we have pulled some uplifting data to show how we could be seeing a nation of empowered single people on the rise. This also coincides with a current twitter trend to share the hashtag #whyIamsingle when detailing the personal reasons as to why living life as a single person is an active lifestyle choice.

On YouTube in the UK, interest in videos related to being single has more than doubled (122% spike) since the last week of December and what’s more all of these videos portray the single status in a positive light despite the negative views usually associated with it.

Looking deeper at the UK specifically from January 1st, 2017 – today, we pulled the top 10 most viewed videos on topics ranging from questions around “why am I single?” to contrasting bold and self-empowering statements on “why I am single”. In at number one with 678,814 views is Hannah Witton about the truth about being single.

Looking more broadly at “being single”, we have a rundown of the top 5 most viewed videos globally related to the state of singledom from the same period, interestingly three of these involve single people trialling married life for a week!

1. Hannah Witton – The truth about being Single

2. miniminter – Why am I single? – Simon Edward Winter

3. Rosianna Halse Rojas – The truth about being single – Rosianna Halse Rojas and Lucy Moon

4. Emily Hart – Why I am Single

5. Justkissmyfrog – The truth about NOT being single (with Hannah Witton)

6. Shirley B. Eniang – Am I happy being single? | Snapchat Q&A

7. Justkissmyfrog – The truth about being single

8. Courtney Daniella – CHIT CHAT GRWM

9. Breeny Lee – I Hate being single #LetsTalk

10. Mikai Mcdermott – Being single and ‘the season of singleness’

The top 5 most viewed videos globally related to the state of singledom

  1. Boldly – Single People Get Married For A Week • Jen & Kelsey
  2. BuzzfeedVideo – Single People Get Married For A Week • Single AF
  3. Boldly – Single People Wear Wedding Rings For A Week
  4. BBC 3 – Things Not To Say To A Single Person
  5. IISuperwomanII – Types of single people

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