Top 10 Must-Have Skincare Products For Winter

Harsh winds, dry air, and chilly temps are on the way and the battle for healthy, glowing skin officially begins. You’re skin’s not even safe indoors – central heating can strip moisture from pores, making skin rough, itchy and dry. To beat winter beauty woes like dryness, chapped lips, and a dull complexion, your skincare routine will require some extra TLC and loads of hydration. But endure cracked hands and lips no more – our House of Coco beauty team have put together all the skin-saving products, including their personal recommendations,  you’ll need to help your skin glow through the winter season…


Perricone MD Chia Serum (£62.00)


We may already know the health benefits of adding Chia seeds to our daily diet but using them within skincare is a new, revolutionary move for healthy skin hydration. Perricone MD’s chia serum combines chia seed oil with five fat soluble vitamins and minerals to create a highly concentrated multi-taking serum that delivers superior hydration to the skin. It also smooths fine lines and prevents against further oxidative damage. This is perfect for winter with its rich, luxurious texture and gives your skin all the nutrients it needs to prevent damage.


Lucas Paw Paw ointment (£4.00)



The luscious papaw ointment has been a firm celeb and makeup artist favourite for years now and it’s easy to see why when you feel the silky texture! Make from fermented Australian papaw plant, the ointment is renown for its healing and soothing properties and is perfect for cold conditions where chapped skin and lips and be the burden of winter! Papaw ointment now comes in a handy handbag sized tube with lip applicator.

Our beauty writer Leena loves PaPaw, she says “I cannot live without this in my kit or in my own handbag, such a fantastic go-to product. It can be used on lips, skin and hair – whatever your use for it, I guarantee you will be delighted with the satisfyingly smooth finish!”


Nougat Naturals Hand Cream (£14.00)

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We looove products that smell so good its hard to not eat them and this hand cream by Nougat London is probably one of the best from the delectable, edible scent category! This rich and nourishing hand cream contains sweet almond oil, shea butter, borage oil and glycerine to repair and moisturise even the driest skin. Smoother your hands in it on a night and wake up with beautifully hydrated hands and nails or slather it on before work to help lift your spirits and awaken your mind on even the darkest, sleepiest winter mornings.


Thalgo Ultra Hydra-Marine Mask (£29.50)


A winter skin article wouldn’t be complete without a really hydrating, moisturising mask. Skin needs as much moisture as it can get during the cold period and Thalgo’s Hydra-Marine Mask uses the best ingredients sourced from the ocean to provide your skin with mineral-enriched 24 hour hydration. Smooth it on the skin using the brush to awaken the surface texture and add radiance on those dull winter mornings. Skin will look replumped and energised. Who doesn’t want that for a result!


Body Shop Body Butter’s (£13.00)


If the changing seasons leave your skin dry or uncomfortable, look no further than the Body Shop’s iconic range  of body butters. They are deliciously scented and keep your skin smooth and hydrated for up to 24 hours. What’s more, they’re made with Community Fair Trade Shea Butter – beauty with a heart, its what we like to hear!

The body butter range is a favourite of our beauty writer Susie – ” I adore mine and constantly restock in new fragrances, they even have a Christmas range! They really do keep the skin healthy throughout the winter months. I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys beautifully fragranced, deeply moisturising body creams.”


SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer (£69.00)



The environment we live in can really effect our skin and redness in the skin can be combated by layering specific products to alleviate the irritation and discomfort the winter months can cause. SkinCeuticals have created the Redness Neutralizer to prevent and correct redness associated with rosacea by combating environmental triggers and interrupting the inflammation cascade while protecting the skin’s barrier. The highly potent formula with soothe skin whilst taking down the colour, making it a perfect addition to your winter skin routine.


Kalme Day Defense Cream (£19.95)


For skin prone to rosacea or is easily flushed, the winter weather of bitter winds mixed with central heating can leave skin feeling sensitive and looking furiously pink. But a new skincare range by Kalme helps to sooth and calm redness on the skin, using the natural and brand new ingredient of capers extract. The Day Defense cream gives 24 hour moisturisation to the skin and contains a strong antioxidant from the capers extract that in clinical trials, has been proven to decrease redness in the skin by 70%. For anyone that suffers from sensitive skin, this surely is a new hero product!

Our beauty editor Scarlett swears by this product for winter – “My skin is never really problematic, that is, until winter comes around. The cold winds really make my cheeks sensitive and a lovely shade of pink (sounds a great alternative to blush but its really not!) and this is the only day cream I have found that really works on minimising the red tone. Its a definite buy for winter time, for anyone who has sensitive skin and loves natural remedy products!”


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution (£9.99)


Another makeup artist essential and winner product for all skin types is the Bioderma Sensibio H20 cleansing water. This product has gained cult status thanks to its celebrity fans and it is said a bottle of this magic water is sold every 6 seconds across the globe! The 3-in-one cleansing water combines exceptional cleansing for face and eyes with the power to remove even waterproof mascara, leaving skin cleansed, toned and refreshed. The irritation caused by cleansing is minimised which is perfect for sensitive winter skins baring all in the harsh weather!


Filorga Skin Absolute Anti Ageing Night Cream (£99.00)



Want a hydrating night cream that’s truly out of this world? Try Filorga Skin Absolute which is powered by Meteorite extract – yes, actual meteorite that would usually be found in outer space, not in a face cream! These Meteorites are essentially composed of silicone and vital for the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Basically everything your skin needs for smooth, younger and repaired skin!

This is a must-have winter beauty essential for House of Coco beauty writer Michelle, ” I like Filorga Skin Absolute Night Cream because it works while I sleep so I wake up with gorgeously smooth and radiant skin. It’s a fantastic luxury product that contains scientifically proven active ingredients to target the signs of ageing. This cream is highly detoxing and refreshing and in the morning, your skin feels firmer and looks more radiant every day you put it on.”


Skin Shop’s Cardiospermum Gel (£9.95)


If the recent UK weather reports are anything to go by, the cold weather is fast approaching (yes, it’s not actually that cold yet – think blizzards and snow) and that can cause havoc for people who have problematic skin such as extreme dryness and eczema. To avoid the dreaded flare ups of itchy, dry skin that sometimes can be so bad, sufferers turn to steroid cream treatments, use Cardiospermum gel as a user-friendly paraben free treatment. It contains a concentrated extract from the Cardiospermum seed and has been shown in trials to be a great natural way to treat the inflammatory conditions of the skin that winter weather can cause. It is light enough to use on the face and all over the body, for itch-free relief!

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