Top 10 Places to Visit for a First Date in Manchester

In true House of Coco form, we’ve rounded up the best places to visit in Manchester for when you find yourself struggling with some first-date inspiration. P.S. You can thank us later. 


You’re in a dimly lit restaurant wearing your best – yet most uncomfortable – outfit, sat across the table from your potential future companion (dare we go as far as saying, spouse?). It’s going well, but the conversation is drying up and the panic as to whether you still have some of your starter wedged between your teeth has settled in. Sound familiar? First dates are, at best, an awkwardly difficult situation to navigate; although the outcome might be successful, the initial task of steering your way through the first-meeting hug, uncomfortable small-talk and drinking one too many tipples for some Dutch courage has to be completed first, prior to the optimistic result.


So, how can we make the concept of these cringe-worthy experiences more enjoyable? It’s common notion that there’s an unspoken check-list to nailing the first-date; you want somewhere that provides you with the opportunity to get stuck into a conversation, but not with an atmosphere so formal that it feels as though you’ve just rocked up to a job interview. If you’re in need of something to take the edge off your nerves, you might be looking for a venue that serves up some promising alcoholic beverages, minus ending up so drunk that you’re unable to book an Uber home without the help of the doorman.


Although we can’t step in for you and do the hard work, we’ve rounded up the top 10 places to visit on a first date in one of the country’s most buzzing metropolises of Manchester. From Comedy Clubs to Bao Buns, there’s something for everyone to appreciate throughout the city, and with some great affordable options to check out, you shouldn’t have to empty your pockets to deliver on a date to remember. A positive first-date can be rewarding and leave you feeling confident about your possible budding-relationship. With any luck, you’ll also have left with a better idea of your date’s interests and hobbies, meaning you should have some decent prospects under your sleeve for your (fingers crossed) next outing together.


On that note, if the date doesn’t go as planned, at least you’ll have some impressive recommendations to put forward in the group chat with your mates.


For Drinks:

The Washhouse

Twenty Twenty Two

Liars Club

For Food:

Hatch MCR


Mackie Mayor 


Bundobust MCR


For Something A Little Different:



Frog and Bucket Comedy Club


NQ64 Mcr


Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing



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