Arizona is a popular state thanks to the pleasant weather and the plethora of activities. The Grand Canyon State is the home of the first ever retirement community. Since its opening in 1960, retirement communities in Arizona have continued to welcome retirees. These ten reasons continue to bring retirees to Arizona.

Health and wellness

Arizona’s weather and geography make it an excellent state for people looking to avoid issues with allergies and asthma. The desert environment removes pollen and other allergens that reduce the quality of life in other states. The lovely weather helps retirees live a healthier lifestyle.

Low taxes

Arizona does not tax Social Security income, making it incredibly attractive for seniors. Arizona does not have a gift tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax making it impactful for retirees who plan to share their assets with their descendents. Tax rates are low, especially for retirees who worked for the federal government or the military.

Awe-inspiring parks

The Grand Canyon State earned its name because it’s the home of the iconic and awe-inspiring Grand Canyon National Park. Arizona is also the home of Red Rock State Park and Sedona – two unbelievable locations that are like no other. Retirees have time to visit Kartchner Caverns State Park, Lake Havasu, and Antelope Canyon along with other local and state parks.

Adventurous destinations

Retirees also have plenty of opportunities for adventure, especially along the Colorado River and in the skiing areas around Flagstaff. In the spring, half of the MLB arrives in Phoenix to play Spring Training games. There are plenty of places to hike, go off-roading, and explore in Arizona, and retirees love it.

Unique culture

The culture in Arizona is distinctive. The desert climate makes the cactus and prickly pear iconic in the state. Arizona has an annual state fair which brings travelers to the state to experience the livestock, food, and culture.

Variety of weather

The weather in Arizona includes all four seasons. In the desert, the weather stays warm during the day and cools down pleasantly at night. The heat is dry, making it comfortable for people who don’t like humidity. The northern cities of Prescott and Flagstaff can see snow and cooler weather in the fall and winter.

Impressive golf courses

When the weather is beautiful, people enjoy golfing. Arizona is loaded with high-quality golf courses, and many are in retirement communities. In fact, the state has over 400 golf courses. Only Florida is ahead of Arizona when it comes to outstanding golf courses.

Exceptional shopping

The big cities in Arizona have impressive shopping. From boutiques to malls, shoppers enjoy finding jewelry, clothing, and furniture. Arizona also has outlet malls for shoppers who want to save money. Old Town Scottsdale has unique shopping for people looking for unusual items.

Plenty of health care providers

Arizona has plenty of health care providers who can help the retirees live their best lives. The state is home to the Mayo Clinic, which has many of the health care providers in the world.

Diverse population

Retirees appreciate the diversity in the state. Many Native American tribes, native Spanish speakers, and immigrants enjoy the Grand Canyon State. They bring their unique lifestyles, cultures, and languages to make Arizona a special place for retirees.


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