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Top 10 Travel Tips Around Auckland

Top 10 Travel Tips Around Auckland

Auckland, also renowned as the City of Sails, is considered as New Zealand’s true metropolis.

April 9th, 2020

Auckland, also renowned as the City of Sails, is considered as New Zealand’s true metropolis. From art galleries, monuments, and museums to amazing suburban coastline, fine beaches, and spectacular scenery, Auckland gives you the complete travel experience.

In fact, there’s so much to experience in this city all year round. No matter what your preferences are, you can enjoy superb food and wine, unique cultural experiences, beautiful beaches, world- class shopping, countless action and adventure, and island escapes.

Below are some of the travel tips you can consider to make the most out of your time around Auckland:

1. Choose the Best Transportation Options in Auckland for You

The cheapest and efficient way to get around Auckland is through the Link buses. But, you can

also hire airport shuttles in Auckland from Jayride.com and rent cars to explore the city.

One of the Link buses is the InnerLink Bus, which is in bright green color and runs within the inner city of Auckland. OuterLink buses, on the other hand, are bright amber buses that can help you travel around the inner suburbs of the city.

Another Link bus option is CityLink, which is in bright red color, and can be beneficial when you’re getting around the city center of Auckland. All of these buses operate on a regular basis.

Another viable option is walking, especially if you want to avoid frustrations, like limited parking spots and traffic. However, if you’re planning to get to one of the islands of Auckland, you have to hop on one of the ferries in the city.

2. Visit Waiheke Island
Waiheke Island is Auckland’s most popular island. The villages on the island are home to a

thriving café culture and art galleries, while the coast takes pride of white-sand beaches.

If you love adventure and want to have fun in New Zealand’s big city, different trails wind along the coastline and throughout the island’s interior.

For a challenging hike and spectacular views, you can consider Church Bay Circuit, which offers a great 3-hour walk and showcases the best of Waiheke Island.

3. Take a Wine Tour

If you’re a wine lover, you’ll surely enjoy your trip to Auckland. Located in one of the most verdant wine regions of New Zealand, tourists can learn about the wine-making heritage of the region and try some wine samples that are locally produced.

More often than not, a guided wine tour only allows small groups, typically no more than six people, to ensure the best and personalized experience.

4. Explore The Streets of Auckland on Foot via Aucky Walky Tour
There are various ways to get to know more about the city of Auckland. One of these is through

exploring the streets on foot.

With the Aucky Walky Tour, it’ll help you discover the landmarks and legends of Auckland. You can also get to know about Maori history, hidden spots, and local cuisines you should definitely try.

With this guided tour, you’ll see the award-winning art gallery, stylish back lanes, and serene parks. Usually, the tour takes up to 2.5 hours with rest stops.

5. Visit the Iconic Sky Tower

Sky Tower is considered one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, which offers more than a viewing platform. At its base, it houses a casino complex and various amenities that every traveler can enjoy.

The Sky Tower’s bulbous floors are located below the antenna section that boasts of having multiple restaurants, like the only revolving eatery in New Zealand. You can also enjoy bungee jumping in this tower.

6. Discover the Rich History of New Zealand at Maritime Museum

If you want to know more about the rich history of New Zealand, you’ll never regret visiting the New Zealand Maritime Museum. It’ll satisfy your curiosity by enabling you to witness the stories of the nation.

From the yachting success to the first Polynesians in New Zealand and the settlement and discovery by Europeans, you’ll be amazed by the museum’s attention to detail.

7. Indulge Great Food and Beverages at Food Alley

If you’re a food lover, awesome Auckland will not disappoint you since it has a colorful bazaar that serves classic Eastern-flavored cuisines every day.

The Food Alley is filled with food stalls that offer Asian food, such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Malaysian, Indian, and Thai. There are also some bars that can satisfy your cravings for refreshments.

Some of the food and beverages you can try are:

  • Tuatua: An indigenous shellfish, which is known for its softer and milder texture compared to some types of shellfish.
  • Lolly Cake: It’s a classic Kiwi dessert that’s made with ingredients including marshmallows, candies, and some sweets.
  • Hokey Pokey: It’s a vanilla ice cream that’s mixed with delicious, caramelized sugar.
  • Whitebait Fritter: It’s made of the juvenile fish that’s cooked with flour and egg tomake a crispy omelet.
  • Afghans: These are the crunchy chocolate cookies of New Zealand.

8. Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

When traveling to Auckland, make sure to find the best accommodation option that’s close to the city center and other popular sightseeing spots.

Basically, there are numerous hotels you can consider. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly ones. Pick something that’ll give you ease when accessing the spots you want to visit while you’re in Auckland.

Depending on your budget and preferences, luxury hotels are worth it, especially the ones that offer harbor views with great restaurants. With mid-range hotels, expect high-end accommodations at mid-range fees.

On the contrary, budget hotels may be budget-friendly, but most of these hotels boast high standard rooms perfect for families or travelers who want to save money on accommodation.

9. Don’t Miss the Beautiful West Coast Beaches

The west coast of Auckland is home to several beautiful beaches. However, tourists must be aware that most of the beaches can be dangerous for heavy surf, treacherous undertow, and bathers to sheer rocks.

One of the best spots in the city is Piha Beach, which is ideal for sunbathing and picnic. It’s also a perfect place for local surfers.

10.Enjoy Bungee Jumping at Auckland Harbour Bridge Adventure

Auckland Harbour Bridge dominates the central harbor. It was built in 1959 and it’s 43m high and 1km long. This bridge basically connects downtown Auckland to the city’s northern districts and sandy beaches of the farther north.

Aside from a sightseeing experience, you can also enjoy bungee jumping in Auckland Harbour Bridge. This experience includes traversing a bridge walk before plunging 40m to the harbor water below.

If you don’t like bungee jumping, you can just join a guided bridge climb instead.


As the most diverse and largest city of New Zealand, Auckland is absolutely a great travel destination if you want to experience a wide variety of attractions.

However, regardless of your travel experience, make sure to keep those tips mentioned above when getting around Auckland. Those travel tips will not just help you plan your itineraries, but they can also serve as your guide while making every second of your stay in Auckland. worthwhile.

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