A home filled with different types of wines is a home filled with happiness. Having a glass of wine is always a great way to relax and have fun.

Either a casual visit from friends, a family dinner, or a special picnic, every occasion deserves a wine. However, to always get the best from your wine moments, you need to know the types of wines you should stock in your home.

Read on to find out the types of wines to have at home and the reasons why you should have them in your home.

1. Vintage Wines

The first type of wine you should always have in your wine rack at every season is vintage wines. When it comes to wine, the older it is, the better it’ll taste. And, nothing says better than vintage wines.

To know if a wine is vintage or not, check the bottle for the year label. The year written on the bottle is the year the wine is produced from grapes.

It could also point to how many grape crops were used to produce the wine. This is why there are some wines labelled as single vintage. Single vintage simply means the wine was produced with just one type of grape crop.

Buying a vintage wine allows you to predict a high-quality wine. As mentioned, it’s possible to check the year of production and type of grapes used to determine the taste, aroma, and feel of the wine even before you uncork the bottle.

Aside from this, buying a vintage wine at home could be a good way to store up some luxury assets. Due to their high quality, buying a fine vintage wine will cost some fortune, but no matter the cost, the more it ages, the higher its value becomes.

Here are some types of vintage wine you should know about:

  • The Richebourg Grand: Produced in the year 1949, just after the world war, this is part of the usual wines most celebrated wine collection. This particular wine is not only for the wealthy, but it’s also for the people with sharp eagle eyes for investment. You don’t need more than just a bottle of it in your wine cellar to make a loud statement.

The wine also has some historic sentiments that’ll make anyone gladly pay for the value attached to it. If you’re wealthy enough to buy it, it’s a good wine for your cellar.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: This red wine is unique and loved for its fruity taste and aroma. It’s a great wine to take with some family steak time and picnic.

The richness of the wine is dependent on how aged it is. If you want a good vintage red wine that’s not so costly, a cabernet Sauvignon is a good one to have at home.

2. Sparkling Wine

Everyone loves some sparkles, especially when the sparkles come in a wine cup. That’s why a glass of sparkling wine is a great treat every time.

The high level of carbon dioxide mostly causes the fizzy bubbles that accompany a sparkling wine. This, of course, is due to the high fermentation process the wine has been subjected to.

The most popular brand of sparkling wine known is Champagne wine. It mostly comes in white or rose color. Most champagnes are a fine mixture of different grapes, such as the Pinot noir and Chardonnay. The combination of these grapes provides the aromas, fruity taste, and body of the wine.

Either you’re meeting with a couple of friends, expecting a very important visitor, or you just want a great drink to spoil yourself, sparkling champagne will spice your day and occasion.

3. Crémant

Another type of sparkling wine is crémant. However, unlike champagne, this wine has lesser carbon dioxide content. The Cremant earned its name because of its creamy nature instead of the fizzy feeling of the champagne. Examples of these are the crémant d’Alsace and crémant de die.

It should be noted that aside from the French sparkling wines, other countries around the world also produce sparkling wines, such as the Italian sparkling wine. Chandon Blanc, Lamarca Prosecco, and Pol Roger Reserve Champagne are examples of other sparkling wines you want in your wine cellar at home.

4. Non-Alcoholic Wine

Aside from the vintages and the sparkling wines, another type of wine that’s a must-have in your home wine cellar is a non-alcoholic wine. Non-alcoholic wines are great for every member of the family, including kids.

There’s no fear of intoxication even when everybody enjoys the great taste. An example of such non-alcoholic wine is the Royalty wine, which is made from a hybrid grape. Its rich red color and great taste will certainly catch your attention. In addition to that, this great wine is very affordable.

Why Should You Have Wines Stored At Home?

Aside from the well-known fact that wines are good ways to enjoy a celebration, wines are also good for the overall health of the body.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider storing wines at home.

  • Wines Have Great Antioxidants

Moist fruits are rich in antioxidants, and the grape is one of them. Due to the polyphenols, grapes, when taken in moderate proportion, can reduce stress. Therefore, when you’re stressed, all you may need is a cup of red grapes wine to relax you.

  • Wellness For Your Heart

Wine consumed in moderate proportion, about a cup or two per day, is not only going to relax you but will also work well for your heart. Diseases, such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, may be greatly reduced to the lowest level. A good wine in moderate proportion can promote wellness of the heart.

  • Boost Your Immunity

More so, taking a glass of wine could boost your immunity and makes you less susceptible to some diseases, too.


After a tiring day, you’ll love a glass of wine to relax. Wines are also perfect for celebrations, hosting friends, or even as an investment.

Wines are good for any and every occasion. This is why you should have different types of wine stock up in your home. Ranging from vintage wine to sparkling wines, to red wines, and even non-alcoholic wine, when you have these wines stored, it gives you pure joy.


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