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Top 5 Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without

Top 5 Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without

With the ever-changing consumer, we are exposed to many beauty products that turn into daily essentials.

May 4th, 2020

With the ever-changing consumer, we are exposed to many beauty products that turn into daily essentials. And many of these beauty products may all appear to be essential items that you can’t live without at some point. Yet, oftentimes, you have to choose one over the other. Whether you are on a tight budget or simply trying to manage your finances better, we’ve compiled the top 5 beauty products you can’t live without. With these essential products, you can learn to compromise over the rest.

Skin Care Kit

One can even say that the healthy look of your skin begins with your skincare regimen. When you hit your twenties, a skincare regimen becomes a necessity rather than an option or luxury. Investing in a proper skincare kit ensures your skin remains younger, radiant and attractive for long. It’s perhaps the best investment you can make for your skin – because you will always have it with you.

Generally, your skincare kit can have anything ranging from facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, anti-aging creams, face scrubs, bb creams, serums, night creams, and exfoliants. According to your age and skin type, these items may vary. Typically, for many, a facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are enough for daily grooming.

A gentle exfoliant or face scrub for application once a week to remove the dead cells and dirt build-up also isn’t a bad idea. There are myriads of brands dedicated to different skin types, colors and shades. The key principle is to know your skin type. Figure out if you have oily, dry or combination skin. You don’t want to end up using lemon-based skincare products on dry skin. Or oily skincare products on oily skin. You can find all of the skincare products you need at Dermavel.


Eyeliners create that thin line between a bold confident look and a sickly look. On those days when you feel too lazy to apply makeup or if you simply want your skin to breathe. You can’t go wrong with a simple eyeliner application. Simply moisturize your skin, choose your favorite eyeliner color – be it blue, black or brown and you will be on your way.

A good quality eyeliner can be drawn above your upper lashes, below the lower lashes or even on the water lines of your eye. So it can very well, supplement the work of mascara as well. It makes your lashes look lush, enhances your eye shape and draws attention away from your otherwise plain face. Keep in mind that, the way you apply eyeliner can also affect your overall look and outfit.

You don’t want to look like a casino card dealer at a business meeting. A light application is always a good idea for formal settings.


A lipstick is any woman’s companion. Just like your eyeliner, wearing lipstick makes a difference. In fact, opting for a bold colored lipstick effectively radiates your face and attracts attention away from your otherwise unkempt face. Many women even pull off messy hair buns and rough braids with the application of the right lipstick shade.

Wearing lipstick also helps to make your lips stand out and look defined. It makes your lips look fuller and plumper. You can also choose to make your lips look thinner and ultimately, make your face look thinner, depending on how you apply it.

Apart from enhancing your otherwise unkempt look, wearing lipstick also brings with it many benefits. Some of the common benefits that come with the application of lipsticks include;

Lip Protection And Healing

Wearing lipstick protects your lips from being chapped by the cold weather or wind. Lipsticks create a protective barrier on your lips to retain their moisture and natural oils. When your lips are chapped or cracked, applying lipstick can also help to heal them.

SPF Protection

The protective film formed by wearing lipstick also acts sunblock by protecting your lips from UV rays. Look for lipstick options with SPF 12 and higher protection.

Enhances Your Eyes

Yes, you read right! Wearing lipstick enhances your eyes by enhancing their color. And if your eyes are your best facial feature, then, you get even more perks. The key is to know how to choose the right lipstick shade.

Boosts Confidence

Wearing lipstick also helps to significantly boost your confidence. It makes you feel feminine, sensual and powerful.


Perfume is perhaps another great confidence booster. The number one logical rationale for wearing perfume is so that you smell good, of course. However, perfumes also boast many other great benefits. They help to boost your confidence and enhance your mood. Perfumes stimulate your sense of smell. And because of their pleasant smells, they make you appear more attractive and appealing to others.

Doing so increases the likelihood of people being more receptive to you – especially if you are pitching for that project you want so much or trying to sell a product. Some even believe it to be quite an aphrodisiac. With a wide range of fragrance scents available, the choice is all yours – whether you want to go for floral, fruity, spicy or light oceanic scents.


Whether you choose to use lotions or natural oils, your skin is dependent on moisturizers. Moisturized skin makes everything else on your body go well. Moisturizers help to regulate your body temperature and even protect your skin from a bacterial build up on pores. Moisturizers ultimately, help to hydrate your skin as well.

Moisturized skin looks clean and radiant. It also makes perfume absorption easier thus, enhancing its longevity. Moisturized skin also looks younger for a longer period. In addition to working as grooming essentials, moisturizers also play an important role in protecting your skin.

Applying moisturizer daily helps to protect your skin from problems such as extreme dryness and even conditions such as acne or eczema. Using moisturizers also helps to conceal blemishes from your skin. Go for moisturizer options with SPF 30 and above treatment to ensure protection from UV rays as well.

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