Top 5 Candles This Autumn – Making Your Home Smell Divine

At House of Coco as much as we love a night out on the tiles, we also love a cosy night in at home. We think there is no better way to make your home feel that little bit more special than burning a luxurious candle. Adding instant romantic light, warmth and fragrance can help set a mood and help you to unwind.

Whether you want something uplifting, strong or moody, here’s our pick of the top 5 candles available on the market right now…

Jo Malone
Wood Sage & Sae Salt Home Candle which has been inspired by the English Coast.

Wood Sage & sea salt 100ml

The sea air mixes with salty spray and the mineral texture of sand and rock. Like the scent of driftwood, it has a natural
and fresh sophistication. A complex combination of wood and the sea is at its core. The feeling is of free-spirited liberty and joy. The best thing about this candle is, if you have it alight in one room, the stunning fragrance will carry throughout the whole house. Its strong without been over powering.

Orla Kiely
Primrose and Bergamot


Capturing the sweet essence of spring, with a delicate fusion of sweet wild primrose and zesty Sicilian bergamot to create a scent both feminine and refreshing. This candle has a warmth about it and a very calming scent that is rather addictive.


Love Aroma
Love Aroma brings together one of the largest online collections of over 1200 home fragrance products from 14 brands sourced from around the globe, each with their own distinct style and personality.


The wide range offered spans luxury and couture brands like Boujies London , Lampe Berger Paris and Pairfum  niche and discovery brands like Melt , Durance and On a Wick & a Prayer  to the iconic and instantly recognisable Yankee Candle , Lily Flame and Ashleigh & Burwood. We particularly loved this Harlquin rosella scented candle which was soft, fragrant rose petals gently crushed on a bed of velvety tuberose, with subtle hints of incense and delicate woody notes: opulent and uplifting.

Green Tulip
Balancing Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy Candles £6.50 - Anti Stress and Balancing 700


This aromatherapy candle is like first aid for your mood!  Handmade in Wiltshire from clean burning, sustainable plant wax, and poured into a glass jar with pharmacy style label. The Balancing candle is fragranced with lavender, geranium and tea tree essential oils which helps create a light, healthy ambience reminiscent of a day in a Health Spa! If you light this a little before you head to bed and allow the fragrance to take over the room it will help towards an amazing nights sleep.
Ark – Age Aware Skincare
Surround yourself in an emotionally warming glow

Our particular favourite from this collection was the Loving Candle which releases its creamy-sweet floral fragrance consistently over 3-4 hours. The dreamy, floral aroma comes from our signature blend of Rose, Jasmine and Patchouli. The smell from the Loving candle will last in the air for hours after the candle has been blown out, truly divine.

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