Top 5 casino restaurants around the world

Planning to go to on a casino trip with your loved ones? Want to check out the best dining places around the casinos? You are in the right place! Check it out!

Nowadays, players are not visiting casinos only for the nightclubs, big jackpots or exquisite shows. If you are visiting the casinos and missing out on the dining experiences, then you need to go back again! Check out our five top casino restaurants from around the world. Keep this in your visiting-list when you go to one of these locations in the future. Make the casino trip worthwhile by visiting one of these fine dining restaurants.

Rockpool Bar & Grill 

With atmospheric lighting, lofty pillars and huge windows, Rockpool Bar & Grill in Crown Casino, Melbourne captivates its guest to one of the best interiors in Sydney. It is present in one of the largest casinos in the southern hemisphere and the open kitchen is the main attraction. Over 3000 bottles of Australian and international wines are present here. The restaurant is known for its perfect wood-fire grilled meats and seafood. Don’t leave the restaurant without tasting the signature dishes!

Bobby Flay Steak 

This is not your ordinary steakhouse. Bobby Flay Steak is situated in The Borgata, Atlantic City and is one of the most popular restaurants among the gamblers. The sommelier service is excellent with good wine collections. After playing Blackjack for long hours, customers usually want attentiveness and good service which is exactly what the staffs are incredible for. Speaking of which, if you want to play better Blackjack casino games, you can visit the sites like Best LIve Blackjack for exclusive offers and regular promotions. Register today! The mains and appetizers are excellent and the staff provides great insight into the dishes that are offered there. Add this to your Vegas budget. You won’t be disappointed!

Restaurant La Terraza 

This award-winning restaurant is located in one of the oldest casinos in Madrid, Casino de Madrid. It is now run by Executive Chef Paco Roncero (head of El Bulli catering in Madrid) and has already garnered two Michelin stars. The casino has a 19th century feel with high ceilings and curved stairways. The dining room has white and black-checkered floors, pawn-shaped grey pillars, billowy grey curtains, and diamond-cached mirrors lining the walls.

Waku Ghin 

This Euro Japanese restaurant is located on Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The restaurant is built in one of the world’s most expensive casinos, so you can guess by now that the service is top notch. The head chef presides over every four tables from the 25 tables. Do try the signature dishes such as Botan shrimp, caviar and sea urchin made by Chef Tetsuya. The Japanese home Wagyu steak is popular among the regulars. The restaurant specifically follows the farm-to-table experience and its quality ingredients with attractive menus make it hard for any person to not get impressed.

Restaurant Guy Savoy 

Located in Caesars Palace (Las Vegas), the two Michelin starred casino gives a breathtaking scenery overlooking the replica of Eiffel Tower. The ambience is quiet and romantic. Both French and European cuisines are available here. The restaurant has a good collection of wines and the gourmet food is of the highest quality. The staffs are super friendly and offer an exquisite service in a comfortable ambience. Try the A5 Waygu with lobster if you visit it anytime in the future!

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