Let’s play a game. Take a look at your clothes, or study anyfemale mannequin you can find in stores. Can you spot the top 5 fashion items of 2019? In fact, particularly iconic pieces may come back for the following year, and become one of the must-haves of every season. The fashion atmosphere is changing, and different elements will take the spotlight. You might want to keep an eye on old-style Louis Vuitton bag or even on Victorian-inspired attires

From classic pieces to fresh tailoring, we have investigated the top 5 fashion items that will make you look fabulous in 2020. You may remember a few of them from 2019 (which is not over yet, so you are still in time to rock your look), while others are entirely new entries that may surprise you.

Chunky Boots

Let’s be honest: from Gucci to Primark, any brand has launched at leasta pair of chunky boots in 2019. You either love them or hate them, but we must admit that they look cool with every outfit.

While some people believe they may not be feminine enough, all you have to do is to experiment with different styles. For example, a pair of chunky boots with a short dress will immediately make your outfit bolder.

There are so many types of chunky boots and shoes that you cannot go wrong. If you want to make a huge statement, you can also pick up a pair of combat boots. These shoes were the real protagonists of the ’90, and in 2020 they are ready to rock another decade.

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Leather Coats

Ready to steal your look from the set of the famous movie Matrix?Leather coats are back, and they are ready to keep you warm, toasty and stylish. This piece of clothing will add a grunge twist to your outfit, but these coats can also be styled with a smart dress and some high heels to look elegant.

Wear a black leather coat to highlight your silhouette and waistline. Otherwise, just go bold with bright colors, such as red or green, to shock and impress. Don’t forget to add a pair of leather boots, and you will just look like a fashionista from the future.


Jumpsuits are undoubtedly another controversial piece of clothing. Not everyone likes them nor find them comfortable, but they have been really popular in 2019. This means that they will still rock fashion trends in 2020, and this could be your opportunity to give them a try.

Jumpsuits are versatile, easy to use and to style. They are available in many colors, from bright pink to total black. You can also add a few accessories, such as a belt bag, and some leather boots or colorful sandals.

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Bucket-Style Bags

Since 1932, when replica Louis Vuitton launched the first bucket-style bag, fashion has changed. Nowadays, we don’t really need to keep our champagne fresh when we are away from home, but these bags are still one of the must-haves for any fashionista.

They are sturdy, incredibly cute, and offer a lot of room for your stuff. You can either match their shade to the rest of your outfit or wear a completely different color to let our bag shine and make a statement. And yes, if you want, you can still store your favorite bottle of prosecco or champagne in your bag.

Oversized Sleeves

If you are a fan of Victorian dramas, you may have noticed how the hottest trends of that age was wearing oversized sleeves. Now you can dress as your favorite heroin and be stylish with your Victorian-inspired sleeves.

Their oversized shape creates the perfect illusion of a slimmer waistline, making you look immediately more feminine and highlighting your silhouette. You can either choose a soft, pastel colors, or unleash your inner gothic soul and go completely black (or grey, if you don’t want to dare too much).

Colorful Swimwear

Let’s be honest, nothing says summer quite like a nice bikini! This year, we’ll see a lot of colors while laying on the beach and sipping our favorite cocktail because mix and match coloroful swimwear will be a huge trend this year! This means, if you have your favorite dd bikini top, you can combine it with your newly purchased bottoms in a different color! The summer fashion game has started and it seems it will be even more exciting than we expected.


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