Top 5 In Flight Beauty Essentials

At House of Coco there is usually at least one of the team out and about on their travels ; Whether it’s our Editor-in-Chief heading to Dubai, our Fashion Editor hitting up Venice  or one of our contributors flying solo in Sri Lanka. We like to make sure that we are still looking tip top the minute we land on new soil. Put it this way, looking good after a long haul flight is much more important to #Teamcoco than joining the mile high club.

So we have sourced the must have beauty products to keep you in check on your next flight…

 1: Carol Joy London : Beauty Bar
Wrapped in an exquisite quilted leather pouch with the signature gold logo, the Beauty Bar contains Carol Joy London’s Cleansing Cream and Cloth, Lifting Mask and Daycare Moisturiser, as well as the newly launched pure Collagen Eye Mask and a stylish compact mirror.
The Beauty Bar is the epitome of Luxury for those who enjoy travel as well as those who love something beautiful at home.

Smooth, repair and tighten your skin with this oat kernel enriched serum. Reduce inflammation caused by blemishes with sesame seed extract and saw palmett
3: TheraPearl hot/cold therapy packs £7.99
THERA°PEARL packs use innovative Pearl Technology® that deliver hot & cold pain relief for the recommended doctors time of 20 minutes. This dual action pack provides twice the therapeutic benefit. Start with ice to reduce swelling and bruising, then switch to heat for penetrating pain relief.
4 : NYX Make Up Setting Spray – Dewy Finish £8.00
Ensure your make up stays put with this handy finishing spray. It’s lightweight, comfortable and gives your make-up a ‘just applied’ look from day to night. It also gives a gorgeous dewy finish for a youthful glow.
5. Organic Floral Waters £6.25
Floral Waters are also known as Hydrosols. The aromatic water is produced from the condensed water vapour during the steam distillation of the whole plant. Rose is the most common, it has been used in cooking and in skincare in the Middle East for many years. For use in Aromatherapy, Floral Waters are best suited to spritzers for the face and body – too cool the senses. They can also be used as facial toners. Alternatively, they can be added to a diffuser instead of plain water, along with essential oils, for added therapeutic benefit.

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