Top 5 Skincare Masks For Under Your Face Mask

Masks, whether we like it or not are part of our attire now and when travel opens back up, they will be part of our airport outfits. [...]

Masks, whether we like it or not are part of our attire now and when travel opens back up, they will be part of our airport outfits. The only problem is, how much this affects our skin. So, instead of moaning about it and still having mass breakouts or dry skin, #TeamCoco decided to tackle the problem and find the best masks to mask with under your mask, if you get what we mean.

First up is luxury skincare brand 111 Skin, who you’ve probably heard of considering their sub-zero collection is all over social media and celebrity faces at the moment. However, the mask we recommend comes from their Anti-Blemish range which treats angry inflamed skin. It’s dual segmented, which means, when you’re out and a bout you can pop the lower half on under your protective face mask to balance the skin and allow it to repair hormonal acne. Reserve the upper half for when you have an unprecedented blemish as this half treats hair product and sweat related spots.

Dr Barbara Sturm, an actual skincare guru who has the medical profession to back her. Although not a sheet face mask to use under a mask, Dr Sturm has created a PPE mask that doesn’t require you to mask under your mask. The Nano Silver mask is soft, washable and reusable. Lightweight, soft and breathable, the nano-silver infused fabric is anti-microbial, anti-friction and has anti-bacterial benefits; in turn reducing the chance of inflammation and blemishes.

Masque Bar became a sensation nearer the end of last year thanks to the Clinic Shield and Soothe Hydrogel Facial Under PPE Mask. A long name but it perfectly sums up what this mask does for you. A half sheet mask that fits perfectly under your protective mask, the mask improves skin structure, reduces wrinkles and fine lines along with promoting epidermal regeneration.

The Revolution Maskne Calming and Purifying Lower Face Sheet Mask is perfect for PPE mask related breakouts. Makne has become a huge concern for many of us, a battle of no-one can see my spots because I’m wearing my protective mask, compare to how you feel when you remove your mask and feel your inflamed skin.  Formulated with salicylic acid to help blemishes, exfoliate and prevent clogged pores its specifically designed to protect your skin whilst you’re protecting yourself.

Estee Lauder’s ANR Concentrated Recover Powefoil Mask packs the brands beloved Advanced Night Repair serum into an innovative weekly treatment mask. Another dual-segment mask in which you can use the upper half whenever your skin may need it. Whereas the lower half can be used to seal in hydration, especially when flying and wearing a protective mask. Just 30 minutes delivers a surge of hydration to the skin, leaving it with a fresh and youthful look.

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