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Top 5 Types of Vapers – Which One Are You?

Top 5 Types of Vapers – Which One Are You?

As the world of vaping becomes more widespread each year, it’s only natural to assume that all vapers simply can’t be put in the same category.

April 23rd, 2021

As the world of vaping becomes more widespread each year, it’s only natural to assume that all vapers simply can’t be put in the same category. Vapers come from different backgrounds, have unique interests, and have different priorities that help to shape and define the type of subculture they belong to. To that end, we’ve curated a list of the top five types of vapers that can commonly be seen in the community, but you might even find you’re a combination of a few.

  1. The enthusiastic beginner

The enthusiastic beginner is usually the novice who has just discovered the exciting world of vaping, something most of us have experienced before as well. This type of vaper is often thrilled about their quite simple beginner device, but will gladly show it off to anyone who is even remotely interested.

While the enthusiastic beginner might get the specific terminology wrong from time to time, get confused between different types of devices, or even continue to ask quite basic questions, their excitement and willingness to learn is truly something to be admired. And once they acquire the necessary knowledge and start exploring vapes more, they will likely grow as vapers, and end up in one of the categories below.

  1. The casual dabbler

Casual vapers, on the other hand, have a bit more knowledge and experience in this field. Whether they’re former smokers wanting to ditch the old habit or simply developing further interest in vaping, the casuals tend to vape simply because they want to. While some might be searching for a good way to relieve some stress after a long day, others could just be vaping because they think it’s fun and cool.

No matter their reasoning, the casual dabblers often know more about vaping, and they tend to prioritize function when choosing a device, instead of the design. In fact, you might not even know that the casual dabbler enjoys vaping until you see it for yourself.

  1. The avid flavor hunter

Known as the more sensual type that’s a true aroma connoisseur, a flavor hunter tends to focus primarily on the taste. For them, the best and most interesting aspect of vaping is often the wide array of aromas that are available on the market, as well as the unique experiences these flavors provide.

For this reason, flavor hunters will generally buy the best disposable vape pen options they can find. Apart from being maintenance-free and easy to use, disposable vapes don’t require any specific dedication, allowing flavor hunters to quickly switch between new and exciting aromas. From cool watermelon to velvet tobacco tastes, or even more unique aromas like sweet apple or lemon tart, there’s no saying what’s next for the true flavor connoisseur.

  1. The cloud chaser

While some might enjoy the taste of the liquids they puff, others are simply in it for the creativity, the tricks, and the pure magic they can create with the smoke itself. The cloud chaser, also known as the trickster, will often have only one objective – blowing the largest, densest, and most unique vapor they possibly can.

These types of vapers have become quite an important part of the community that has grown beyond simply blowing trick puffs such as o-rings, tornados, and jellyfish. Now, cloud chasers have the opportunity to enter competitions where they could show off their incredible skills, and even go viral or become internet-famous due to their distinct and fascinating vape tricks.

  1. The true professional

Finally, we have a professional. These vapers tend to be among the most experienced and knowledgeable in the community. While the professionals are often quite curious about new trends, options, and technologies, they are also thoughtful and meticulous vapers who do plenty of research before investing in any new products.

The true professionals are very passionate about vaping as well, and will gladly share their expertise with anyone in need of help. This often leads them to give advice on new upgrades and improved experiences, or even write detailed reviews about new and upcoming liquids and hardware.

While there are many different types of vapers in the community, these five might embody our shared experience the most. Whether you’re a beginner, casual dabbler, flavor or chaser, or a true professional, it’s that unique experience of vaping that brings us all together with each puff.



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