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Top 6 Locations for a Perfect Romantic Tropical Vacation

Top 6 Locations for a Perfect Romantic Tropical Vacation

What better place can there be for a romantic vacation than a piece of tropical paradise?

March 28th, 2019

What better place can there be for a romantic vacation than a piece of tropical paradise? Spending some time with your loved one on a sandy beach, swimming in crystal-clear water, and watching magnificent sunsets and sunrises over the ocean are all must-haves of a great couple’s holiday. If you agree, one of the following destinations will be perfect for you.

Top 6 Romantic Holiday Destinations for Couples in Love with a Tropical Paradise


If you are in love and are looking for a vacation destination where you can enjoy some peace and quiet, Mauritius is a great option. Here you can not only admire fantastic scenery but also see how one of the most interesting nations in the world lives.

The Republic of Mauritius is a tiny island nation which is praised for its democracy and freedom. The society is multiethnic, and multicultural, and extremely welcoming of everyone. Simply put, Mauritius is a tropical retreat where you can feel like home regardless of where you are from.


If you are looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, consider Aruba. This beautiful Caribbean Island mostly caters to couples specifically. Therefore, there are plenty of romantic restaurants and couples’ activities available all over the place. From here you can go on day trips to Bonaire and Curacao, which also offer many activities to keep you entertained.

Aruba has picture-perfect beaches with palms and soft sand. Come here to live in a thatched bungalow facing the sea with your love and enjoy drinking fruity cocktails.


If you and your partner are dedicated diving fans and want to spend most of the time wrapped up in each other and away from the bustle of crowds, Kapalai Island will be perfect. This place is tiny and offers a fantastic opportunity to get some time together with your love without any annoying interruptions.

It’s also one of the best diving destinations in Malaysia, a country renowned for its dive sites. Kapalai Island has many of them, so you’ll be exploring its underwater wonders for hours. From here, you can also get to Sipadan, the best dive site in Malaysia and one of the top three in the world.


If you are looking for some bohemian chick, Maui is waiting for you and your lover. Unlike many tropical getaways that have little to offer except for beaches, this island will allow you to be busy with visiting workshops, wineries, and expos. Be sure to enjoy the coffee tour, which will have any coffee-junkie coming back to this Hawaiian island.

This is a good choice for couples who are looking to have an active vacation. You should also take your time exploring local natural landmarks.

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are a fantastic place that offers some unique activities, like nighttime crab hunting. The islands are tiny and you’ll be able to get all the privacy you want here. As a couple in love, you should come here to spend some time away from the world at large. The islanders are very hospitable, but also respect privacy of their guests.

Note that the Cook Islands don’t offer much in the way of entertainment. However, their beauty is breathtaking. This will be a perfect destination for nature lovers who want to relax at the beach.


In case you are a more adventurous sort and want to have access to all kinds of entertainment, yet enjoy secluded romantic villas at the same time, Bali is waiting for you. Like every other part of Indonesia, it’s a great place for diving. However, Bali is also popular with tourists due to its art, dancing, and colorful traditional performances that can show you the fascinating culture of the Balinese people.

Come to Bali if you want to have an exciting vacation filled with adventures.

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