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Top 6 Stops On An Austin To Houston Road Trip

Top 6 Stops On An Austin To Houston Road Trip

Two of the most popular major cities in Texas are Austin and Houston.

December 7th, 2021

Two of the most popular major cities in Texas are Austin and Houston. So, it’s not surprising at all how many people going on a road trip frequently travel to and from each point. The travel time only takes a few hours. But those few hours don’t have to be speedy. Another reason why a road trip from Austin to Houston is a must-do is that you’re never going to be without pit stops.

Whether you’re going on quick restroom breaks, buying travel necessities from a major-sized convenience store, or wanting to satiate your belly with the flavors of Texas, the road trip between both cities can be a worthwhile experience. Now you will be convinced to take one of the bus trips from Austin to Houston when you find out about the exciting pit stops you can take along the way.

Here is a list of the top stops you should look forward to on your road trip from Austin to Houston:

1. Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee’s is fondly labeled as the best stop for any road trip to Houston. While mainly known as a convenience store chain, it’s nothing close to any ordinary convenience store found in cities. In fact, there’s a very good reason why Buc-ee’s always has a cult following from the locals of Texas.

A trip to Buc-ee’s will take you beyond your regular bus stop routines such as buying a bottle of water, stretching your legs or using the restroom. Here’s why it’s always a must to stop here during a road trip from Austin to Houston:

  • The snack aisle is overflowing with options—from dried fruits, chocolates, to a variety of trail mixes. This is why Bucee’s stands out from the rest of the convenience stores in the United States.
  • The home section sells more than the usual magnets. You’ll find different types of Texas souvenirs that will remind you of the wonderful experience you had from this trip.
  • They let you use the restroom without requiring you to buy anything. However, it’s highly unlikely for you to walk out of Buc-ee’s empty-handed.

2. Brenham

If you’re planning to depart from Austin at twelve in the afternoon, make sure to leave an hour and a half early so you can get to Brenham at lunchtime. Brenham is a stunning place in itself. Imagine taking a walk downtown where you’re welcomed by buildings that date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s.

For lunch, these are the top two must-try restaurants in Brenham:

  • K-Bob’s Steakhouse introduces you to some local cuisine, showing you how southern dining is done. The best on their menu? The good old, chicken-fried steak.
  • Volare Italian Restaurant serves great Italian dishes.

3. Chappell Hill

If you want to get delicious pastries before going to Brenham, then Chappel Hill Bakery and Deli should be one of your pits stop. In here, you can get a taste of their local Kolaches, prepared in the best way it should be. The sausage? Its taste is unusual for a deli-bought sausage. It’s meaty and filled with flavor down to the last bite. If you’d rather have sandwiches, their breakfast sandwiches are a no-fail.

4. Schobels Restaurant

Schobels restaurant offers hearty country-style dishes that are worth trying. It’s been around since 1970, simply because they’ve mastered how to satiate the meal desires of the hungry Texans. You can smell the aroma of homecooked food the moment you walk in. And, it’s not like any other restaurant or diner because the food they serve is really great.

Want to order their best-sellers? Then give their country fried steak and cheeseburgers a try.

5. Quirky Country Market

As implied in its name, Quirky Country Market is a peculiar place to visit. Everything built within the area is unconventional. The commercial areas are found at the front, while the residential properties are located at the back of the market. If you’re lucky, Dan Bretch, who is one of the homeowners, will be glad to show you around his off-grid house.

The energy is taken from the solar panels strewn all over his property. As for the water? There’s a dedicated barn for collecting rain water. It now contains an amount equivalent to two 5,000-gallon swimming pools.

If that tour isn’t yet enough for you, the Quirky Country Market is also a great place to shop for souvenirs and little trinkets.

6. Mary Jo Peckham Park

If you’re traveling with young children, then this stop at the park will be a nice treat. You can give the kids half an hour to play, adore the scenery, and breathe in fresh air while you enjoy a lunch or afternoon picnic.

The Mary Jo Peckham Park is a great option if you want to experience some family fun. It’s never going to be crowded because there are plenty of playground choices for children.


With the stops listed above, you can finally feel more relaxed on your road trip from Austin to Houston. Stop and unwind! You’re missing half of the experience if you don’t give yourself a chance to pause in between your travels. When you’re scheduled to go on that trip, time it strategically so you won’t have to be in a rush. The journey is already a great experience in itself. And you’ll be glad to know that pit stops don’t have to be at a regular gas station.



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