There are some things in life that you can’t replace. For techies and technology geeks, their love for the Mac computers is definitely one of these things.

However, even the most avid Mac users often don’t realize the true power of these machines. A great processing speed, smooth UI experience, and enhanced features may be the topmost priorities for most users; these just scratch the surface of what a mac can do for you. So, if you are wondering how to maximize the output from your beloved Mac,here are the top 6 things you never thought you could do on a Mac. Happy reading!

6 Mac Tips to Learn this Festive Season

  • Emoji-fy Your Desktop Folders

Who doesn’t love emojis, right? What if you could turn your boring desktop folders into a riot of emojis? With this simple trick, you actually can! Cool, right? All you have to do is drag and paste a Google image of the emoji to your desktop, edit it to remove the background (or choose a transparent image) and paste it on the folder icon.

  • Use Spotlight for Calculations or Currency Conversions

If there’s one Mac feature that doesn’t get its due credit, it is probably Spotlight. As the name suggests, it acts as a great tool for quick navigation (without a mouse) and is a blessing for people who often need to use their calculators or currency converters. To launch the app, click on the magnifying glass on the menu bar or press Command + Space.

  • Use Split View to Use 2 Apps Without Resizing

Every person who uses a laptop for work (which includes almost 70% of the world’s population) knows the pain of switching multiple tabs and apps frequently. While resizing the windows is a workaround, it is not always a great way to view some apps and only adds to the woes. The Split View App is a saving grace for all such people.

  • Make More Out of The Volume Controls

There are many occasions where you need to increase the volume but slightly. Present volume steps may not always work in these situations. Press the Option + Up arrow keys to open the SoundBox, where you can reduce the volume changes in a more controlled way.

  • Rename Multiple Entries at Once

Isn’t it frustrating to repeat the same action a hundred times (especially for something like renaming folders?). Here’s a cool shortcut to help you rename multiple files at once. Select all the files you want to rename, right-click and select Rename X files (X is the number of files you select.)

  • Personalize (or get rid of) the Menu Bar

Simply go to System Preferences > General, and click on Automatically hide and show the menu bar. To customize the menu bar, press Command and drag icons anywhere you want to place them.

Summing Up

You use a Mac once, and you are in it for life. Such is the power of the half-eaten Apple! Here’s hoping these cool shortcuts will help you make the most of your Mac experience.


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