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Top 7 reasons to buy property in Costa Blanca

Top 7 reasons to buy property in Costa Blanca

Top 7 reasons to buy property in Costa Blanca

December 10th, 2022

Clarity is a crucial part of investment. Regardless of the area you intend to invest in, clarity can save you money, prevent a waste of investment or even contribute to the maximization of capital. This article aims to expound on some of the issues that make Costa Blanca a great place to invest in realty.

Why Costa Blanca?

Costa Blanca is one of the tourism concentrated areas in Spain: Many people got to know of this region through famous songs, and rhymes. It is so famous amongst the cities of Spain that it stands out as one of the most frequently toured. According to an average of 300, 000 people tour the island monthly. While Spain attracts visitors of an average of 80 million in a year, at least 10% of those visitors’ statistics come from the Coast of Alicante/ Costa. These people will lodge somewhere, they will eat somewhere and they will tour the city. This is a huge green light for those intending to invest in any genre in Costa Blanca.

An opportunity to own a piece of the rich Islandic region

1.Almost everywhere in the Costa Blanca is of historical relevance, and places that aren’t are close to at least one place of such importance. This is another perk to buying property in Costa Blanca, you get to live next to iconic locations, or offer properties of that caliber to an ever-surging market of renters. You can find these historical centers sometimes in the city and other times in the beach sides, etc.

2.Return on Investments of 8% and above: What is business without the indices of numbers, figures and how they culminate into profits? Costa Blanca will cost you much less to own a property than famous locations like Dubai and Turkey, yet the profit chart here is more promising. Investors who buy property in Costa Blanca make a minimum of 8% interest on their capital, and when invested smartly, you can earn up to 20% ROI per annum. Here is another factor that makes investing in realty in Costa Blanca more attractive than even some areas in Spain.

3.Constant and Ongoing Development: Another unique feature about Costa Blanca is that it has a city and village like aura. You can see the gigantic structures, the historical caves, and all the locations of relevance, but you can also catch a local restaurant with thatches, and a whole new construction site not too far away. The current profits been made by investors in the White coast is nothing compared to what they will make in the next few areas as the area continues to develop and expand. The Constant development in the area also gives room for acquisition of bare lands where you can erect structures according to your tastes and plans.

4.Housing is Affordable: With €50, 000 you can get a really nice villa with an open porch and moderate inside fittings and furniture. When you compare the cost of real estate in Costa Blanca to other tourism dense areas, the difference is clear. Combining this feature with the profit margin, you can begin to see how it is a better investment. Apartments per square meter is €2,000 and it may cost less or more. There are also waterfront apartments at a give away price and the size is often more spacious than some of the high-rise apartments in other famous locations such as Dubai.

5.No Extreme Weather: This is a great reason especially for persons hoping to buy property for personal or relaxation purposes. Over the years, Costa Blanca has been a go-to spots for entrants from the United Kingdom, Slovakia, and the USA. Extreme weather conditions could max out liveliness and tourists who can afford to love to escape and stay in warmer regions at least once in a year. The Costa Blanca climate is warm; and even in its hottest, it is still more bearable than the Arabian corners. With a moderate weather, you will incur lesser cost on heating, or Air conditioning, and you also get to enjoy the cities rich heritage and the beaches of the town. It is totally worth it for migration or vacationing purposes.

6.Beaches and a Buoyant Ex-pat Community: Wherever beaches are, economic progression follow. This 200 km long coast line city has some of the most amazing beaches in the world, many of which have now been converted to private Islandic apartments, or public fun centers. The beachy town has also attracted more persons than you can imagine. Out of about 1, 300, 000 who live in the island as at 2022, at least 500, 000 are expats.


Thanks for sticking to the end. If you skipped any information, fret not you can get quality information on the real estate in Costa Blanca. Read more on the official website Spain-Real.Estate before you take any crucial and finals steps about investing in the white coast. Best of luck as you advance on this journey.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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