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Top Bridal Wear Trends of 2021 For The Winter Brides

Top Bridal Wear Trends of 2021 For The Winter Brides

Are you about to get married in 2021? Then you must be looking for perfect bridal wear for your special day.

February 26th, 2021

Are you about to get married in 2021? Then you must be looking for perfect bridal wear for your special day. As the bride, you should look your most beautiful self on your wedding day, and also dress according to the contemporary wedding attire trends. Now that is not an easy task at all, is it, especially with all the other things that you need to take care of as the bride.

With the right fashion tips, you can turn your winter wedding look into a glamorous affair and turn heads as you deserve to on your wedding day. Here are the top bridal wear trends for this year’s winter season.

1. Go Short, Go Stylist

Credit: vidaevents.net

If you are looking forward to dressing up unique as a bride, give short wedding dresses a try. Conventionally, wedding dresses are not short and they come with ankle-length hem and a long trail. But it is time to get over traditional designs and develop your own fashion statement. Your short bridal wear can be of knee-length, tea-length, or mini-length which ends around your thighs.

However, make sure you don’t get winter blues down your legs. Keep a pair of stockings ready in case your wedding day turns out to be particularly chilly.

2. Break the Tradition

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Women of the 21st century should prioritize comfort over tradition. People often consider the wedding day to be one of the most memorable days in women’s lives, yet they want them to compromise their comfort and convenience for the sake of tradition.

If you are uncomfortable with long trains or veils, ditch them for something more contemporary yet sophisticated. You can still have a dramatic and flowy basque-style wedding gown with asymmetric or dipping hemline instead of tripping over the train. Toss the veil as well and instead go for an elaborate hair up do if you have longer hair, and for shorter hair, a hat, a crown or a tiara would do wonders. Go with a floral band for a vintage Frida Kahlo look, if you are into art and artists.

3. Time to Ruffle

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Ruffles are very much in trend this year. They look especially beautiful on classic flares and mermaid cuts. If you are having your wedding at a lake house or a barn, you can get your wedding gown with gorgeous ruffles down the waist. It helps bring a dramatic effect to your attire without making the wedding dress too heavy or high-maintenance.

Remember to pair up your ruffled wedding gown with peep-toes or pumps with comfortable heel heights.

4. Crepe and You

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Crepes have been into the trend for a few years now. If you want to go for a simple and smart look, then the crepes are just for you. Crepe bridal wears are mostly snug-fit bodice-type, which can help you flaunt your curves on your special day for which you worked hard and hit the gym everyday.

Choose the bridal wear base to be of heavy materials like wool, which can keep you warm during winter, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. You can also go for silk or synthetic floors for a more exquisite feel. You can also customize the mother of the bride attire and bridesmaids’ dresses accordingly, but in different colors, perhaps.

5. Roll up your Bohemian Sleeves

Credit: lovemydress.net

Puffy sleeves were in trend in the 80s. Bohemian sleeves’ fashion got lost in between all the new trends in all these years, but they seem to have come back recently during this winter. If you want to sway in style and yet want to go traditional, then it is time to go with some Bohemian sleeves in your wedding gown.

The sleeves are unique in their design with how they puff up near the shoulders and taper out down to the wrists. You can keep your look otherwise no-nonsense by choosing a simple silhouette of silk or synthetic gown. You can go for a transparent netted Bohemian sleeve as well to add to the mystery of the attire.

6. Shine and Shimmer

Credit: pexels.com

Glitter bridal wear has always been women’s favorite, and for all the right reasons. If there is one day you can afford to have sparkles in your attire, it is your wedding day. So, there is no limit to the amount of shine you can add to your look.

Shimmer dresses make a perfect choice for your wedding day because of their elegance and ethereal touch. However, remember to limit the bling either to the bodice or to the skirt. Shimmers throughout the dress might be a bit too much. If you do not want it to sparkle all over, you can go with a crystal-stitched gown with an appropriate amount of bling.

When you wear a sparkling and shimmering dress at your wedding, it is best to avoid heavy jewelry with it as it might overdose on your look and hide your natural beauty, but a diamond ring will help you look perfect.

7. Rock and Roll with Wedding Pants

Credit: pexels.com

How about you break all the norms and go with pants on your wedding day? They are comfortable, convenient, and look super cool when donned with the right accessories. This style is especially perfect for beach weddings, as you would want to to keep sand and the salt off your train.

You will also not need to limit yourself to white when it comes to wedding pantsuits. You can go for soft pastels or nudes for an elegant touch to your bridal attire. When it comes to the style, you can pick a tapering pant with a suit, or a flaring palazzo bottoms with a bodice on top. For accessories, you can go for delicate jewelry and bun up your hair for dazzling in style!

8. Go Off-Shoulder

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Off-shoulder dresses are expected to be the perfect bridal wear in the winters of 2021. The fashion statement lies in the exposed shoulders of the brides, so make sure you hit the gym and sharpen those blades and collar bones. Remember to select your wedding lingerie carefully if you are going off-shoulder.

You can go for this outfit to make yourself comfortable without the tightness around the neck that certain wedding gowns have. It can either be completely off-shoulder with bodice, or it can also be a boatneck neckline – whichever you are more comfortable in. You can go for some heavy neck jewelry with the off-shoulder bridal wear on your wedding day.

The above article consists of a few brand new ideas on wedding dresses for the brides to rock your wedding ceremony with all eyes glued on you. What keeps you waiting? Go and flaunt your bridal wear now!



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