Top destinations for a boating holiday in the winter

Boating is definitely one of the most popular choices for holidays in winter, as you can escape the cold and enjoy some sun and blue waters in countries that are warm all year long. Besides that, yacht charter holidays are great for the ultimate relaxation, giving you a sense of luxury and independence. The best part about boating holidays, however, is how easy it is to book. There are some high quality yacht charter companies that make boat hire as simple as booking a hotel.

After that, it is only a matter of choosing the perfect destination. Here are some of the most beautiful boating holiday destinations:

Latin America

One of the most impressive destinations for a yacht charter is Latin America, with an endless list of places and countries to visit within the area. Latin America’s coast is inundated with deserted beaches where you can stop off to explore.

To experience the always passionate Latin culture, you can also visit Brazil, Argentina or Colombia. These have plenty of vibrant coastal cities to explore, full of never-ending parties, events or restaurants breathing of Latin culture.

For family holidays with a yacht charter, visiting the nature of South America and spotting some exotic animals on the way is a perfect holiday. Boating through the Amazon river will provide you with a great chance to feel adventurous and lose yourself in the wild nature. The coast of Brazil has plenty of opportunities to spot whales and dolphins as well.


Australia is a great yachting destination for a yacht charter in the winter because of the great year-round weather. In fact, it’s summer in Australia when it is winter in the UK and US, making it a great trip in the January time if you enjoy a lot of heat.

Australia is a great destination, but it varies widely on which coast you want to travel around. This gives you great variety: you could visit the popular surfing beaches, shopping and bars on the east coast, and also see the outback and more local coastline of the North or East.


If you are hoping for a truly luxurious holiday, a yacht trip around Dubai will definitely meet all your expectations. The wealth of the country makes it very accommodating to visitors on yachts, with the vibrant coastal cities full of restaurants and shopping opportunities. The amazing view of the modern cities with some of the tallest buildings in the world make some great opportunities for photoshoots.

Besides Dubai being so modern and always busy, it also has some breath-taking nature views to offer. For instance, the Palm islands are a great contrasting destination to escape the cities for a day.

Final Word On Winter Yacht Charter

Many people’s ideas of the perfect holiday match up exactly with a boat trip: relaxing and luxurious, yet adventurous. What stops some people from experiencing it is the fear of deep waters. However, a boat trip can actually help you get over the fear of being at sea, which makes it worth trying.

There are many other incredible destinations for yachting holidays. Yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands or the US Virgin islands are some of the most common choices. The beauty of it though, is you can always be on the move and visit a wide variety of destinations in one trip. Go for it!

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