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Top DIY Projects to Tackle During the Corona Lockdown

Top DIY Projects to Tackle During the Corona Lockdown

Whether you live independently or are part of a family household, self-isolation can become an adversely overpowering sensation.

April 20th, 2020

Whether you live independently or are part of a family household, self-isolation can become an adversely overpowering sensation. When this happens, it is a signal that it is time to dedicate your time and energy to some creative, productive projects. Sure, there is always plenty to do around the household. You could reorganise your cupboard (a most tedious task, we know!), wash your spice jars or clear the junk from your spare room. The list of such projects are never ending. Instead of engaging in such dreary tasks, why not put on your thinking cap and get the creative juices flowing?

Painting, colouring, sculpting, drawing, knitting etc are the first things that come to mind. However, ever considered about dabbling about in the world of craft?

If you are a newbie to the crafting field, then take into account the following tips on how to commence your journey:

Seek inspiration

Look around you and see what inspires you! You can search in real life or search online for sources to get your imagination going. Take a walk around your house and try to perceive the beauty of nature. Keep an open mind as you stroll on your street – you never know what you may come across that will stimulate you. When going online, there are plenty of platforms that will help you begin, such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Be free

Remember, this is an undertaking you are doing only for yourself. There are no hard and fast written rules to abide by – it is your baby and you are the one who gets to decide how you want to kickstart your crafting adventure. Whether you are doing this as a family activity with your children, to kill time in bed or just because you want too – no regulations have to be followed. Be free, be you!

Go easy on yourself

Do make note that if this is your first crafting activity, you may want to begin at an easier pace. Feel free to get ambitious at a later stage – but first, get comfortable as you dip your toes in these unchartered pools of crafting. It will also allow you time to familiarise yourself with specific techniques, tools and equipment.

Now that you’re ready, let’s take a look at some DIY projects you can do:

Macramé patterns

What is macramé? It is the art of using string and cord to create beautiful patterns and knots. You can compose objects for home décor, fashion and other accessories. The good thing is there are plenty of online video tutorials showing you how to make macramé patterns for earrings, wall hangings, coasters, lamps etc. Take your pick!

Balloon modelling

Ever been to a child’s birthday party and seen them playing with balloons? We are not talking about balloon football or balloon volleyball – but this concept of craft incorporates blowing them up and twisting them into different shapes such as hats or animals. It is a super child-friendly activity that you can get your hands onto and enjoy as well. Decorate your living room with it, take pictures and share with your family and friends! Get them involved too and have a cordial competition on Zoom to see who can shape a balloon into an elephant form the fastest.

Draw up Corona greeting cards

We are living in history making times! Why not use this special period to remind our loved ones we are thinking of them and miss them? You can make beautiful greeting cards by hand or go online, as you wish. It will definitely put a smile on someone’s face who is having a tough time during this crisis.

Decorate your boiler

My friend, let’s face the truth: boilers are simply not very attractive. Now, when it is suggested to decorate your boiler, it does not mean to literally decorate your boiler. This implies creating an environment that conceals your boiler. Now, depending on where your boiler is located, there are multiple ways to do just this. For instance, if it is in the kitchen, you can knit up a pretty pattern for a curtain and hang it yourself to hide the boiler. Another idea is to channel your inner Picasso and compose a painting that you can hang in front of your boiler. Whilst you are working on your boiler, don’t forget to check its coverage plan. Find out more about boiler coverage if you need to and make sure to upgrade if need be. After all, an effective boiler requires effective coverage!

Start an indoor garden

Want to test your green finger out within your home? Whilst it is still slightly cold outside, the bloom of spring has begun. Just choose some plants and seeds that appeal to you to start this process. Then, you will need plant holders to grow those seeds in. The beauty of an indoor garden is that anything can function as a container: old newspapers pressed together, an old empty yoghurt cup etc. Once you have chosen your containers and plant seeds, the next decision to be made is with regards to location. Where will you plant your indoor garden? The difference between an outdoor and indoor garden is that for the latter, sunlight is not as important, but heat is. The area you select for your indoor garden must be warm. Once the seedlings come up from the soil, they will need light to grow. Try to pick a spot near a window or an area where a lot of natural sunlight streams through. Now it is time to plant! Use a seed starting or sterile potting mix from an instant bag and get the soil ready. Make sure you know how much water is required and let the magic happen!de

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