If you’ve ever thought about getting a hair transplant, it’s likely you’ve looked at getting the procedure done in the UK. However, like most people, you’ve probably found that British hair transplant clinics are incredibly expensive. But there’s no need to panic as the work could still be affordable. This is because it’s far cheaper to get a hair transplant abroad, and there’s no need to worry about sacrificing quality or safety, either. With this in mind, here are the five top global destinations you can visit for a hair transplant.

#1 Turkey

Turkey is an incredibly popular destination with Brits who decide to head abroad for a hair transplant. In fact, figures from Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board suggest that the country’s hair transplant industry was worth more than US$1 billion last year.

Brits love heading to Turkey for their hair transplants because the procedure is significantly cheaper. In fact, the latest figures from GetHair claim that it’s around 80% cheaper to get a hair transplant in Turkey than in the UK. Due to this, it’s unsurprising that 68% of the world’s hair transplant procedures are performed in the country. Actually, the procedures are so popular that the country is informally known as the ‘headquarters of hair transplants in the world’.

#2 South Korea

If you don’t mind venturing a little further afield, South Korea is also a great destination to visit for your procedure.

The country is actually known as ‘the world’s plastic-surgery capital’ because Seoul alone has more than 600 clinics – and more than 50,000 foreign patients received plastic surgery in the country in 2017 alone, according to The Korea Herald.

Although figures suggest that getting a hair transplant in South Korea is slightly more expensive than in Turkey, the procedure still costs less than half of what it would cost in the UK.

However, it’s important to know that most surgeons in South Korea don’t speak English. As a result, you may need to pay to have an interpreter accompany you for your procedure.

#3 Thailand

Thailand’s a destination that’s particularly popular with Australian, American and Canadian visitors because it’s significantly cheaper to get a hair transplant here than it is in these countries. However, it’s not much cheaper to get a transplant in Thailand than it is in the UK.

But, one of the main advantages of visiting Thailand for a hair transplant is that the country is a hub of innovation and technology. As a result, it’s a location where the surgeons are highly experienced and practice new techniques regularly.

As an added bonus, it’s also a fantastic place for a holiday, so you can stay for a few days after your surgery and enjoy the stunning views.

#4 Poland

If you’d rather stay in Europe than travel all the way to Asia, Poland is a great location for a hair transplant. Plus, its close proximity to the UK means it’s really easy to get cheap flights, which also brings the overall cost of the procedure down. In fact, due to the cheap flights and the general price policy in the country, it’s actually cheaper to get a hair transplant in Poland than it is in Turkey.

Like Thailand, Poland is also a country that’s renowned for its innovative techniques. In fact, many clinics in the country use the innovative ARTAS robot to complete FUE hair transplants. These machines are so advanced that they’re even more accurate than skilled surgeons. The machines have precision-focused technology that helps them select only the highest-quality hair follicles to replenish thinning scalps. By helping the surgeon, they also make the procedure quicker and less painful.

#5 Lithuania

Finally, Lithuania takes fifth position on our list. As a real up-and-coming destination, Lithuania flies a little under the radar with potential hair transplant patients. However, its facilities are well worth investigating because they achieve excellent results and employ many of the latest technologies.

In addition to this, hair transplant prices in Lithuania are among the lowest in Europe. Plus, the cost of living over in Lithuania is also low, meaning it’s cheap to enjoy your break while you’re out there, too. Similar to this, like with Poland, the country’s close proximity to the UK also means it’s easy to get cheap flights. This brings down the cost of the operation even further.

If you choose one of these five destinations for your hair transplant, you’re likely to receive a quality service at an affordable price. However, before you commit to a clinic in another country, you should do your research – sadly, black-market operators do try to lure in customers. So, before you book your appointment, make sure you inspect the qualifications of the surgeons they use and check their independent reviews. This way, you can rest assured you’ve chosen a provider you can trust.


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