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Top Five Fun Activities For Parents to Incorporate Into This Summer Pandemic Planning

One thing that the pandemic has taught us all is the bliss of spending time in outdoor spaces.

One thing that the pandemic has taught us all is the bliss of spending time in outdoor spaces. Many remote working parents are undoubtedly exhausted from the fun activities they had to indulge their kids at home during the winters. Now, with the summer season just around the corner, we have brought you five fun activities that parents can incorporate into this summer pandemic planning. If this sounds like something you need the most, read on how to benefit from the below-given activities.

Before we plunge into the list, remember that outdoor activities aren’t only fun but are mandatory for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being as well. Since swimming pools are a must, we recommend checking out the pool accessories for sale at Laguna Lifestyle.

Plant Your Veggies

Planting a garden and growing your veggies is an excellent way to teach your kids about where their food is coming from, how it grows, gets ripe, and reaches their plates. By planting your veggies in your backyard, you can also incorporate a few science lessons while providing your kids with loads of opportunities to learn more about responsibility.

Plan a Field Day

With schools being shifted to online classes, your kids miss out on all sorts of group fun that they had at school pre-COVID days. That said, it’s still important to get out into the great outdoors as often as you can. Organise a mini “sports day” with socially-distanced activities like a space hopper race, potato sack race and egg and spoon race. You could even plan an airsoft competition, but make sure you have the appropriate equipment such as gun gas and body armour. Lastly, don’t forget to reward the winning team with something fun!

Have a Picnic Day

We aren’t referring to the casual picnic days that you can throw in your backyard or nearby park any time of the year. We want you to indulge the kid’s interests by spicing up the picnic day theme – by going international. Prepare snacks and foods of different cultures and countries. You can also ask the kids to help you prepare the food as they will learn more about what common food choices are in different countries.

Create a Water Park

With summers just around the corner, we think it is the perfect time to gear up your swimwear and accessories. Water activities are an all-time-favourite with most kids. If you don’t have a swimming pool, you have various baby pools, slides, water balls, and balloons to choose from at the local markets and online stores.

With the right equipment, you have everything that it takes to turn your backyard into the best at-home water park. Add some music, set up a barbeque, and don’t forget to make the splash pads super-slippery!

Backyard Theatre

There are no limitations in creativity and your kids, which includes turning your backyard into a cozy outdoor theatre for your kids to participate in. If they don’t want to act themselves, ask them to make hand puppets and put on a show to entertain their parents, for a change.