As we begin to move towards summer, the weather starts to get a little warmer and the days get a little lighter. After the darkness and chill of winter, this is a welcome relief for us all! What this time of year also offers is the chance to give your home a fresh, new designer look and to really spruce it up for the summertime. Taking the chance to do this now will mean that you are not doing the work when it is hot and your new interior look is ready when summer arrives.

What benefit does changing the interior design look deliver to any home? To really get the maximum enjoyment and wow factor when living somewhere, your home décor needs to reflect the time of year. If you keep your winter design touches in place for summer, then your home will look too dark and cozy. By incorporating lighter, airier design flourishes, you will have a home that is ideal for summer living. Of course, the other major reason is that your current décor may be old and simply in need of a stylish, luxurious revamp.

Cool ways to let summer into your home

If you are looking for some fabulous home décor tips to greet summer with a smile, then the below interior design ideas are worth considering.

Wooden window shutters

To give your home that classic summer look, wooden window shutters are ideal. Not only do they look amazing and give your home a unique appearance, but they are also great for keeping rooms cool when the sun is out. There are many styles of wooden shutter to choose from, including tier-on-tier shutters and café-style ones, so you can choose the one that fits in with your overall design plan. For a simple, easy-to-fit yet effective way to get your house summer ready, shutters are hard to beat. The elegantly crafted shutters with cutout designs also add a touch of sophistication and artistic flair to the interior design.

Beautiful ceramics

A major part of designing any interior is the accessories with which you finish off the rooms. This will help to give the room the exact feel you want from relaxed to glam and beyond. Summer is the perfect time to add some eye-catching ceramic vases and bowls into your home for a dash of style. They not only look amazing but also allow you to place flowers in them to give your property a lovely floral tinge.

Open shelving

A great idea in interior design for the summer months is to incorporate some stylish open shelving into your home. This helps to add space to any room and will make your home look much brighter and lighter as the shelves are open. The other great thing about using open shelving is that it shows off what is on the shelves to guests or visitors rather than hiding it all away in cupboards. As summer is a great time to entertain, it makes open shelving perfect to impress everyone with what you put in it.

Freshen up with new paint

Of course, one perennial interior design tip is to freshen up the look of any home with new paintwork. This still holds true and is a simple, affordable and effective way to refresh your interior design ready for summer. The key is to use bright summer colors that will help make you feel cooler inside but still reflect the fun that summer is all about. Many will go for pastel-type colors such as coral or light blue to get the desired look.

Think about going minimal

While it is always good to have some stylish accessories, beautiful artwork or furnishings in a room, too much clutter is not a good look in summer. A minimal approach really works at this time of year to give the fresh, clean feel to keep you cooler. Too many rugs, patterns and throws will leave you feeling all hot and bothered – instead, think about paring it right back in terms of design.

Get ready for a sizzling summer

Everyone loves summer with its warmth, sun and long days spent having fun. To really get into the mood in time, it is a great idea to review the décor in your own home. Looking at how you can adjust it for summer will help to get the light, airy feel that is perfect when the temperature starts to rise.

Hopefully, the above tips have given you a few easy yet effective ways to go about it. By the time you finish, your home will look like the ideal summer getaway! And have you ever heard of octopus skirting boards?


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