Top Home Design Tips with Mirrors

A mirror is an interior designer’s secret weapon. You may always have thought of your mirror as a practical object for simply checking your appearance, but there can be much more to a mirror if you look a little closer.

A well-positioned mirror can add light, space and character to your home. A good mirror can be a particularly strong asset in a smaller room, adding the perception of depth and size to any space, no matter how compact.

Home designers use mirrors of different shapes, sizes and styles to enhance visual interest, create optical illusions or simply add light. 

Go big or go home


A big statement mirror can be a great investment. The larger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create around the room. You need to first think about the dimensions of the room, the various light sources (window, lamps, main ceiling light) and the configuration of your furniture. All of these factors should influence the size and shape of the mirror you decide to opt for. And, of course, it will influence the placement of it.

It is important to consider light sources because you want to utilise your mirror to reflect this light back into the room at a different angle. On that basis, you may wish to have a mirror above your mantelpiece, on the wall behind your sofa or even freestanding on the floor. A freestanding mirror propped against a wall will not only boost the sense of space in your room, but you can reposition it on a regular basis to refresh the look. Placing furniture in front of a statement mirror can also create further interest in reflections and add something different to your living space.

Mirrors have the wonderful ability to reflect both natural and artificial light, pushing light deep into the room which enhances the rooms feel. To optimise the reflection of natural light, place mirrors near or opposite windows. You can increase the amount of light in a space by placing a mirror behind a switched-on lamp, or paired with another mirror to reflect all light sources around the room.

Make it taller or wider