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Top Jewellery Trends of 2018

When it comes to jewellery choices, you probably think that it is a matter of taste.

When it comes to jewellery choices, you probably think that it is a matter of taste. What might be considered to be cool or just nice to wear by one person, will be hated by another. For example, there is now a fashion for large earrings that fall below the shoulder, yet many people still prefer the shorter versions. Although the common jewellery pieces such as hoop earrings and bangles will always be in season, there are certain trends which come around each year for those looking to be trendy. Here is some of the jewellery you might be wearing in 2018.

Punk and Grunge
Fashionable among the youth at punk’s height around the 1970s’ and 80’s, this style of jewelry and clothing has faded in and out of fashion since then. However, it has now started to make another comeback this year. The specifics are blurred, but there is usually a mixture of crosses, safety pins, large bracelets and one earring. Male jewellery, in particular, is starting to grow in this respect with several artists making collections around this theme.

One of the slogans of 2018 is ‘There’s no way for cheapness.’ Fashion gurus are determined to try and put the more traditional jewellery on the back burner and go for something bigger and better. Quality is the name of the game, so if you are choosing something with gemstones, you need to make sure they are high quality. Femininity is definitely in this year with chains, bracelets, ethnic jewellery, and pompoms. Yes, the pompoms are not just for the purse, car keys or bags, they have now migrated to jewellery as well!

Pearl Classics
Not everyone will like the idea of large jewellery pieces with huge hoop earrings and many bangles up their arms. Some prefer to have something a little more refined and minimalist. Pearls are something that has always been in fashion, but perhaps only associated with women over a certain age. However, a newer trend has moved away from the pearl necklace to having a thin gold chain with one pearl. The same effect can also be seen on bracelets, which brings a look of refinement and subtlety.

Just when you thought it was safe to put those crop tops, neon colours and floral prints back in the attic, disco is back. In a jewellery sense, it means that big earrings are popular, as well as big earrings with other things attached. Although these types of earrings have been around in some circles for a long time, they are now accepted as a mainstream fashion accessory. To pull off the look completely, you need to have a disco-themed outfit to go with it. It is also a great excuse to listen to some old disco music and bust some moves.

One of the big hits in 2018 is large stones and crystals. The catwalks have seen some huge necklaces full of crystals and stones. Although you might not want to go as far as that, any jewellery bearing such stones or crystals will be extremely fashionable. As well as the crystals themselves is the way they are presented. Apart from the large stones, there is also a trend for chains containing many small stones as well as layers of chains. Apparently, the more layers you have, the brighter and steeper your image. You can also add other influences as well such as ethnic style or perhaps some lovely Egyptian necklaces.

Fauna Vintage
Broaches have become huge in the fashion houses lately. They were largely ignored in recent years, but now they have made a big comeback. Adorning yourself with large broaches in the form of snakes, lizards or butterflies is now the height of fashion. Although you can now buy such broaches, having authentic vintage ones is considered even more fashionable, and it counts as recycling. Along with broaches, some fashion shows have seen models with vintage pins in their hair. Jewellery of this type demands that you are careful with what you wear. Pastel shades and subtle colours are seen as the best accompaniment to these accessories.

Natural Cocktails

Cocktail rings are not the refined jewellery you would normally associate with fashion, but these rings have made a big impact this year. These massive rings are usually made with simple metal and a large piece of natural stone or pearl. They are quite basic in nature, with some stones not even being properly cut. Jasper, amethyst, and malachite are among the most popular, but any semi-precious stone will do.

Chandelier Earrings
Apart from the large hoops from the disco trend, there is also another trend in 2018 that involves larger than life earrings. Chandelier earrings are big and bold with clear crystals adorning the full length. They are designed to shine, and they will be perfect for the night out on the dance floor. As with some of the other jewellery, if you have some antique items that you can wear, so much the better.

Hand Bracelets
Hand bracelets are designed to trace the woman’s hand from the wrist to the fingers, with some connecting the two by having the bracelet joined to a stack of rings. There are many materials used for these, from simple chains to heavy metals and fabrics.

Mix and Match Your Designs
One thing that has made this year better for many people is the fact that mixing and matching designs are definitely in. Fusions of designs, materials and even wearing odd earrings are leading people to try anything. For a lot of the women in the street, this freedom will be welcome as they can now up cycle a lot of their wardrobe and jewellery. You might not feel free enough to wear odd earrings, but this trend makes for a lot of possibilities.

There is a lot to think about jewellery wise in 2018, but a common theme seems to be that vintage is good, so if you do have some old jewellery that someone left you, there has never been a better time to show it off.