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Top remedies for acne-prone skin in winters

It is very difficult to maintain a good skincare routine in winter.

It is very difficult to maintain a good skincare routine in winter. With acne-prone skin, winters can only sum into more difficulties for your skin. In winters, your skin gets dry and itchy that can result in situations getting worse for your skin. Low consumption of water in winters leaves your skin dehydrated that can end up popping out more pimples and acne out on your face. Hence, acne is more likely to appear in winters than in summers.

Is there any cure for acne in winters? Yes, there is a list of certain procedures that could be done to ensure acne-free skin. All the recommended suggestions have been provided below. Go through them once.

Remedies to cure acne in winters

Since it is now relatable why acne appears more during winters. So, discussion about the cure is also crucial as winters are approaching anytime soon. Ten best cures are highlighted below, these are:

1. Clean your face: In winters, the dust and small particulate matter accumulation are on a rise, it gets clogged into your skin on the face. This situation results in the formation of acne. Hence, it is extremely important to clean your face using a good nourishing cleanser. There are several cleansers and cleansing products available in the market, choose wisely. You can pick acne-focused skincare products from many online websites as well.

2. Moisturization: It is in no disguise that in winters, your skin gets dry and itchy that can lead to a path for many skin-related problems. A proper moisturization is really important, it will keep your skin hydrated and nourished with the essential components required to maintain skin’s elasticity. Go and pick a good-reviewed moisturizer.

3. Avoid exfoliation: Exfoliation can be considered a reliable remedy in summers but it is a big no in winters. Your skin can get drier and can call out for more breakouts in winters. So, avoid using exfoliating products more often. You can use them once a week if required.

4. Inhale fresh air in the morning: You might want to keep your doors shut in winters but for letting fresh air in, you have to open all the locked doors. Proper ventilation is necessary. Moreover, the inflow of fresh air will rejuvenate and revive your skin.

5. Exercise is the key: No matter what season is it, exercising is very important. A proper workout schedule will leave a room full of fresh oxygen that will automatically appear as a glow on your face. It is a trusted option to prevent acne in winters. Moreover, it will relax your muscles.

6. Avoid certain things: Many things need to be avoided during winters. These are:

· Stop using products having an artificial fragrance, it can result in skin breakouts.

· Makeup having some oils and waxes can result in clogged pores leading to breakouts.

· Avoid using hot water, it leads to drying of the skin.

· Never rub your body vigorously after taking a bath as it will spread the bacteria and then will roar for breakouts.

7. Give a nod to flaxseeds: Many people wouldn’t know that flaxseeds are a good source of hydration. They reduce roughness, scaling, and skin sensitivity. Along with it, you can also have beverages or drinks that are rich in vitamin C, allowing fewer breakouts and wrinkles on the face. The main task it performs is preventing the formation of acne.

8. Sunscreen is a must: One could ask why is sunscreen important in winters? It is. The Ultraviolet rays do affect your skin in winters also. Professionals say that the sunlight in winters is harsher than in summers. Hence, never give up on sunscreen in winters also.

9. Give a break to the topical medications: you may be consuming some medicines for acne that can be a little troublesome for you in winters. You can give a scale back to those medications allowing your skin to breathe a little more. This will give space to your skin for relaxation and preventing breakouts. You can take it on alternate days or every third day.

10. Do not wash face too often: Washing face frequently can lead to breakouts and drying of the skin. You will feel unwanted itchiness on your skin. In case you are washing your face, do apply a good amount of moisturizer on your face to prevent the harshness of winters.


All the aforementioned remedies have resulted in a fruitful fate. You can go and opt for them without having any dilemma in mind.