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Top tips for fashion marketing

Top tips for fashion marketing

Marketing is an important aspect of any business but for fashion brands, it is especially important.

October 26th, 2021

Marketing is an important aspect of any business but for fashion brands, it is especially important. The fashion industry is incredibly competitive because there is just so much choice out there and you need to stand out from the crowd. Consumers may be inspired to stick around and repeat their business with you if you provide quality products and good customer service, but to pull them in initially you will rely on your marketing. Here are some of our top tips for marketing your fashion brand.

Social media

If you are running a fashion brand, then you are probably already utilising social media, but you can always be doing more. Stay consistent and persistent with your postings. Through the use of an image library, you can store all your photos for easy access when you need to post something to your accounts and allows you to separate photos into manageable files such as the originals, edited photos, photos that have been posted, seasonal looks or individual items. This way you can post the same photo across all your platforms and avoid accidentally posting the same photos again, and you do not have to worry about losing any of those photos that you spent time and money taking.

You can include links to your website on all your social media accounts and even offer the ability to place orders directly from these profiles. Profile names and Instagram handles should all be uniform and match the name of your brand to prevent any confusion. Content should also be consistent, keeping to a certain theme or aesthetic – ideally something that fits with the kind of clothes you are selling. Post regularly but do not be tempted to keep posting just for the sake of it, your pictures should be high quality and relevant to your brand.

Invest in your website

A company website is first and foremost the most important part of your digital marketing. You might be utilising social media and other platforms to display or advertise your products, but your customers will eventually be driven to your website to make their purchases. Your website is basically your brand’s “virtual storefront” and a poorly designed site can be the decision-maker for a potential customer. Keep updating your website, keeping testing it, and checking for problems. If you can, hire a web developer who can create a user-friendly, professional-looking website.

Focus on your best sellers

It might be tempting to hop on new trends and adopt new styles that become popular, and this can be a great way to diversify and grow but do not neglect your established style. Do not adopt new trends that do not fit with your usual aesthetic and do not try to produce styles that you are not passionate about just because it is popular. Stay true to yourself and stay consistent. True fashion is about heart and independent fashion brands rely on passionate creators, if you do not truly believe in what you are doing then the consumer will pick on this.

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