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Top Tips for Taming and Styling Thick Hair

Top Tips for Taming and Styling Thick Hair

March 20th, 2023

Tucked down a street in Shoreditch, just a stone’s throw away from the trendy bars and shops is Notice, a gender-neutral hair salon headed up by Creative Director, Danilo Brandimarte. With over 15 years’ experience, he’s featured in Italian Vogue and Elle and created catwalk hair for the likes of Gucci, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. He’s now creating stylish do’s for his clients at Notice, specialising in difficult hair types such as thick and curly hair, creative cuts and natural looking balayage.

As someone with thick hair, I know first-hand it can be a curse and a blessing. I get the benefits of a big, voluminous blow out but can also wake up with the craziest bed hair and struggle to replicate that sleek, in-salon styling. I caught up with Danilo to get his advice on how to make your thick hair your best accessory. He says, “If you have thick hair, you may find it challenging to style and manage. However, having thick hair also means that you have plenty of volume to work with, so there are many ways to style your hair that can make it look amazing”.

Whether you want a polished look or a more textured, natural style, here is Danilo’s top tips on how to manage thick hair.

Get the right haircut

The first step to styling thick hair is to get the right haircut. A good haircut can make a huge difference in how your hair looks and how easy it is to style. The best haircuts for thick hair are: one length, long layers, butterfly, shaggy hairstyles, pixies and bobs. It’s important to find a style that works for your face shape, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Don't be afraid to talk to your hairstylist about what you're looking for and to ask for their professional opinion.

Use the right products

Using the right hair products can make a big difference in how your hair looks and feels. Look for products that are designed for thick hair, such as nourishing and smoothing shampoos and conditioners. Also add a deep treatment mask to your routine. If your ends are extremely damaged, use a mask once a week or every third shampoo, depending on how often you wash your hair. If your ends aren't too damaged, once a month will do. Use a leave-in conditioner and hair oil to help tame frizz and add shine.

Blow-drying your hair

Using a round brush or a hair straightener can help to smooth out the hair as you blow dry, especially if you have thick, coarse or curly hair. Starting at the roots and working your way down can help to create volume and body while reducing the appearance of thickness. Finish with a blast of cool air to set your style and add shine.

Embrace your natural texture

Don’t be afraid to embrace your natural texture. Thick and coarse hair can be beautiful in its natural state, so don't feel like you always have to style it. Try air-drying your hair and using a sea salt spray or a defining cream to enhance your natural waves or curls. Embracing your natural texture can be a great way to simplify your hair routine and show off your unique beauty.

Find the right hairdresser

Look for hairdressers who specialise in thick hair. Some hairdressers are trained to work with specific hair types, so it's always a good idea to ask if they have experience with thick hair. Check reviews and ratings to give you an idea of what to expect from a hairdresser. If you know someone with similar hair to yours that always looks great, ask them who their hairdresser is. Personal recommendations can be a great way to find a hairdresser who understands your hair.

Anji McGrandles

Anji McGrandles

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