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Top tips to choosing your wedding flowers to make your D-day feel momentous

Top tips to choosing your wedding flowers to make your D-day feel momentous

Trends change. 2022 is about all themed weddings, virtual save-the-dress, open-air tents, family-style meals, and much more.


Trends change. 2022 is about all themed weddings, virtual save-the-dress, open-air tents, family-style meals, and much more. But one thing stays an integral part of weddings, and for a good reason. Not only are they pretty, but they also allow you to express your style and creativity. While the use of flowers at a wedding goes back to the Roman era where brides used to adorn garlands, using them symbolizes new beginnings and happiness.

However, knowing everything about flowers for weddings isn’t possible for everyone. After all, you are no botanic expert. If you are all set to pick the right florals for your wedding, these tips will get you to speed to make your D-day momentous.

Let’s get started!

Look for floral inspiration

Before starting with the shopping, you need to look for themes or inspirations that you would like to be a part of your big day. Having snapshots of what you want will allow you to create a replica or something close. It will feel like an inspiration board. This will help you communicate about the centerpiece or archway. And make modifications and add substitutions to create an arrangement.

Make sure you keep in mind your bridesmaid dress fabric, your wedding gown colors, and sequences while deciding about the flowers for the wedding bouquet and other floral arrangements. Otherwise, it will feel like a deconstructed vibe. This brings us to the critical tip to make your D-day feel momentous.

Create a wedding flowers budget

You must know that around 10% of the total wedding cost will go to florals and decor like bouquets, boutonnieres, cocktail hour, and reception details. This is why you must put a budget on the table. For instance, you can begin with “What great things you can achieve with $……..?” Make sure you talk about the flowers within your budget to not overspend.

Look for the average cost of wedding flowers and see the options available and alternatives to narrow your search. For example, a wedding flower budget can go anywhere from around $1500 to $5000. But it can also go up to $12k to $20k, depending on your location. Some professionals say that some might even go up to $80k. However, it can go down considerably if you choose sola wood flowers for weddings.

Make sure you keep some budget for last-minute design changes or floral requirements.

Pick the right flowers

The best advice when it comes to choosing wedding flowers is that they must align with your budget. While you might love beautiful, delicate, and stunning arches of flowers, you need to cut back on the budget. Look for options that are better valued for money. Wedding bouquets from Ling’s Moment as well as bridesmaid bouquets flowers are a great option, not only are they high quality and stunning, but they don’t cost a fortune either. Plus, you get a discount on your first order.

Besides that, be specific about what you like. Is it roses, lilies, or something else? Think about your style and the colors you wish to add to your theme wedding. Do you want to give it a modern feel or want to make it casual?

You might believe that when you say “wedding bouquet flowers,” you have to go for the natural blooms. Honestly, if you have a lot of money, you can think like that. But if you want to add boutonnieres, corsages, and other floral arrangements, why not opt for sola wood wedding flowers. Yes, you can go for sola wood wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, and other options that will last forever.

Who said you should only capture your “I dos” moments on camera? Sola wood wedding flowers can easily stay with you in the form of display at your home once your D-day is over.

Choosing the right florist

Before you begin your search for the right florist, look for your friends and family recommendations. If you have a wedding planner or coordinator, you can look for suggestions. But if you have none, why depend only on area florists? You can also try online to find the best places that deliver floral arrangements and wedding-friendly products to help you craft everything you need for your special day.

This is because florists book up quickly. But with online options, you can easily vet them and find the options according to your wedding timeline. The best part of choosing Sola Wood wedding flowers is that you don’t have to set up the delivery five to eight months before your wedding. You can quite easily select options or customize them according to the theme of your wedding.


Your choice of wedding flowers will transform your wedding day into a magnificent one. Whether you choose something modern, classic, or extravagant bright pops, make sure it aligns with the overall style of your wedding. Consider your wedding a blank canvas. Fill it with colors the way you would want to cherish for years to come.

It’s time to have a gorgeous wedding with some amazing wedding flowers choices that won’t add a lot to your expenses. So, are you all set?



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