Travel Themed Decor & Bold Colours

Traveling is what makes us thrive here at House of Coco and when we get back home we like to be reminded of our adventures whenever we can! We have teamed up with lifestyle blogger and author, Will Taylor to show us how bold statements and inspirations from your travels can completely transform your home 

When redecorating your house we all like the idea of incorporating personal touches to show off our individual tastes and experiences but most of us are left unsure of how to do so.

Who better to help us seek inspiration than design expert and lifestyle blogger, Will Taylor, whose new book, Dream Décor, is filled with ideas on how to make a statement using colour and finding inspiration from your travels as a theme for your abode.

Watch our video as Will visits East London to give us the guided tour through Juilano Zini’s home to showcase eclectic and bold design and how small touches from your travels can personalize your space.

Whether your preference is Georgian, Victorian or you prefer something a little quirky or modern this fabulous home showcases how you can pull off a mix of collections easily without breaking the bank.

Travel themes, furniture from different periods, bold colours or retro pieces- whatever your muse this video has it all.

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