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Travel Tips: Things To Do in The Philippines

Travel Tips: Things To Do in The Philippines

In terms of the Country’s wealth monetarily, the Philippines is still at the bottom of the hierarchy, but if we are talking about a country being rich in terms of

March 5th, 2020

In terms of the Country’s wealth monetarily, the Philippines is still at the bottom of the hierarchy, but if we are talking about a country being rich in terms of beautiful places to visit and adventures to do, then the Philippines is a notch higher than most of the countries around the world.
With its more than 7,000 big and small islands, surely, you would not run out of things to do in the country. Thus, if you are traveling to the Philippines for the first time and you are staying for at least a week or more, here are some of the most exciting things to do during your short stay here. Read on! 

Interesting Activities to Do in The Philippines

#1 Mountain Climbing

The Philippines has lots of mountains to visit to have a scenic view of the places below them. This must be planned however because climbing or hiking is not an easy-peasy task to do, so before you even arrive in the Philippines, make sure that you prepare the must-haves first and yourself too.

Here Are Top Mountains You Should Climb

Mount Pinatubo

Elevation: 1,486 meters
Time to Summit: 45 min 4×4 + 2 hr hike
Difficulty: Easy

Mount Pulag

Elevation: 2,930 meters
Time to Summit: 3 hours
Difficulty: Medium (it is because of the cold weather)

Mount Mayon

Elevation: 2363 meters
Time to Summit: 2-3 days
Difficulty: Challenging

Mount Apo

Elevation: 2,954 meters
Time to Summit: 10 hours (3-day tours)
Difficulty: Hard

Mount Daguldul

Elevation: 672 meters
Time to Summit: Approximately 3 hours
Difficulty: Medium

#2 Visiting Islands/Beaches

Because of the Philippine’s characteristic of being an archipelago, it is a must that you visit at least one of the islands during your stay in the country, and you would not regret it. After all, some of the beaches in the Philippines are some of the best in the world. Let’s take Boracay and El Nido as examples.
Boracay is somehow tantamount to the Philippines when you search on google online. It is seen in booklets, magazines and online sites. It was even ranked 9th in TripAdvisor’s list 2019 and Traveler’s Choice Top 25 Beaches in Asia.
It is famous for its beaches with milk-powder-like sand. There are three stations in Boracay. The first station is the most luxurious, so celebrities and socialites choose to stay there. Station 2 on the other hand is the most crowded, so if you are a people person and you want to mingle with lots of people from around the globe, then opt for this station. Lastly, station 3 is the nearest to the port where small ferries load or unload passengers or tourists. 
As noted by fellow nomad Alex Denholm of Ghost Insights, despite having three stations, they all have some things in common. All of them offer fun activities to enjoy; snorkelling, parasailing, beach hopping, scuba diving and many more water activities. Thus, it’s a must that you go to the said place before you go back to your home country.
El Nido is another flag bearer of the Philippines when it comes to the best beaches in the world and especially in Asia. It is ranked 4th in “20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World.” by Condé Nast. CNNGo even called it the best beach in the Philippines because of its beautiful ecosystem. There, you can do island hopping, visiting small and big lagoons, snorkelling, scuba diving and many more. Thus, you cannot leave the Philippines without stepping your foot on it.

#3 Trying Public Transportation

Not many tourists from foreign countries know it, but we have some of the quirkiest modes of transportation.
There’s this Tricycle that from the name itself, you’ll know it is a three-wheel vehicle. It is basically a two-wheel vehicle but made three so that it will be able to accomodate 2 or more passengers. It is a motorcycle and there’s an attached sidecar for passengers. It is used especially if there are narrow passages or alleys going to your destination, but for experience purposes, you ride it anytime and almost anywhere. The cost per ride depends on the location, but it’s more likely less than a dollar.

Then, there’s the famous Jeepeney. It’s one of the cheapest modes of transportation in the Philippines that for every ride, you will pay a minimum of 8 pesos or more or less 0.16 dollars, and it’s also very convenient as long as you are not in a hurry. It can be considered a cheap and small version of a bus. There are two sides inside and both sides have long cushioned seats to accommodate 12-18 passengers depending on how big the Jeep is.

If you want to get out and about and do some more serious sightseeing on your vacation, you may want to consider cebu car rental. Hiring a private vehicle allows you to drive at your own pace and see the top tourist spots, without having to rely on public transport or anyone else’s timetable.

#4 Eating Famous Dishes

While this is a must when you visit any country, trying Philippine cuisine is having a glimpse of our rich history- thus knowing the Philippines more! Try Pinoy food and Eat Like Pinoy!
Adobo- it can be Chicken or Pork marinated in soy sauce and vinegar with spices. It is a stew dish that is famous for its sweetness, saltiness and sourness- truly Pinoy in flavors. Also, this is considered the national dish by many although it has that spanish influence, and as a matter of fact, Adobo came from the spanish word adobar, which means to marinate. 
Lechon- some consider this the best Pork dish. It’s whole Pig stuffed and roasted until the skin turns golden brown and crispy. The inside has that juicy, flavorful meat because of the spices used to stuff the Pig before roasting. 
The runners up for the must try food are Sisig, Sinigang, Chicharon, Rice cakes, Street foods, like Grilled Isaw or Chicken intestine, Proben or breaded Chicken proventriculus and many more. 

Final words

It is not every day that you get to visit the Philippines, so better prepare your wallet, yourself and especially your to do list. While there are so many things you can do in the country, you have a very limited number of days, but the tips above can be done if you are staying in the country for a week or two. Let’s say your first 3 days is for the beach, and your next few days is for the mountain climbing. The other two can be done while you are on the island or before you reach the mountain proper.
During your not so long stay in the Philippines, make the most of it. After all, those tips above are truly what define the Philippines to foreigners. Good luck on your trip! 

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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