Hurricane season is a very real, very destructive season for many areas in the United STates, and whether you live in one and are planning to travel elsewhere, or if you live elsewhere and are planning to travel to a hurricane area, it is important that you understand the risks that you may be undertaking. It can be frustrating to plan a vacation to somewhere warm, only to arrive and realize that you are not able to leave your hotel because of 100 mph winds—if you can fly into the location to begin with. More difficult to deal with, though, is when you leave your own home and return to find that your property has been damaged due to the catastrophic forces of a hurricane while you were gone.

The simple point we are trying to make here is this: if for any reason you may be exposed to the impacts of a hurricane, you need to know some of the basics about how to handle this risk. And remember that most importantly of all is that you should have a good hurricane lawyer on speed dial so that you can get the legal support that you deserve if and when the need arises.

Vacationing During Hurricane Season: Bad Idea?

If you plan to travel to a state like Florida that has a hurricane season, then you should understand the risks that come with planning a vacation from June to November. If there is a bad storm around your travel dates, then the likelihood of you even being able to fly to Florida is impacted, and then even if you can travel you may find yourself stuck in your hotel for the duration of your trip before taking a bumpy plane ride back home – no suntans, no time spent at the beach, just a lot of money spent on hanging out at the indoor pool.

Realistically you should try to plan your trip between December and late May if you are traveling to Florida, and make sure that you do the research about the hurricane season at any other tropical or subtropical destination. Use the warmer months to visit more temperate climates!

Leaving Home During Hurricane Season

If you live in Florida or another state with a hurricane season, you may also find yourself wondering if it is a good idea to leave during this season. This seems like a great idea, as long as you have hurricane insurance and are comfortable with leaving your home during a storm and knowing that you won’t be there to address any issues that may arise, such as a flooded basement or a broken window.

If you are planning to leave during hurricane season, make sure that you have a plan in place in case your property suffers any damage. Ask a neighbor, friend, or family member if they can keep an eye on your property, or consider installing a remote security camera that will allow you to monitor conditions on your own. This is a costly option, but it may pay for itself if you realize that your roof is leaking and can have the issue solved instead of returning home to find that thousands of dollars of your property are damaged or destroyed.

Staying Safe During Hurricane Season

The most important issue surrounding hurricane season, regardless of whether you are wondering about traveling to or from a high-risk area, is that you must always prioritize your safety, and the safety of your loved ones that you will be traveling with. If something feels off, or if you are worried about making a safe decision, make sure that you take all factors into account to make an educated and informed decision.


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