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Trending Haircuts For Men

Trending Haircuts For Men

Haircuts for men are very versatile. Discover some fantastic haircuts that you can try for your next haircut.

April 24th, 2023

There are so many haircuts for men to choose from. The things that matter when choosing the haircut are the hair texture and the face shape. Haircuts can be customized to fit different seasons; however, predicting which haircut is most suitable for the specific season may be challenging.

Hairstyles are known to evolve, and one person’s idea of the perfect hairstyle for a specific season may differ from someone else's. To stay in touch with time, you should take time to research trending hairstyles before settling for a haircut. Here are some outstanding haircuts for men that you can choose from.

1. The Millennial Curtains

This old hairstyle was all about having two curtain bangs, and it didn’t matter how you managed to cut them. The style has slowly found its way back with some slight improvements due to the impacts of civilization.

The basics of this idea after evolution is that they have to be long but loose curtains. If your hair is not long enough, you can work with what length you have and let it grow out, and you will eventually meet all the basics.

The barber should be well experienced to give this haircut the desired shape and texture. Other than staying on trend, the haircut is perfect for people with super-pointed facial characteristics.

This is the best idea if your fa face shape is either square or rectangular. It may not be the best idea for people with long face shapes. Styling this hairstyle is easy as long as you have the right hair products and know the final results that you are looking for. You can roughly style the hair by running your fingers through it if you don’t want to follow many steps.

2. Skinhead Haircut Idea

This idea is not about going bald, but the hair left on the scalp is too short. This is a perfect idea for people that love professional, simple hairstyles.

You can wear this haircut dyed or natural, but if dyed, you need to ensure that you use a bold color. Bold or almost bold haircuts for men are considered masculine, and you will turn heads with this haircut.

You may want to brighten this hairstyle by dyeing it with a little bold color or have a high fade at the top with little deviation on the length of the hair.

This style does not require a lot of styling and maintenance, but you may need to visit the barber regularly for trimming because the hair will grow out.

3. The Loose Quiff

The quiff is versatile; every time you do it differently, it automatically represents a different hairstyle idea.

Quiff hairstyles require a lot of hair to turn out well. It will be an added advantage if you have thick it creates a wave shape. For most quiff hairstyles, the face shape is not an important consideration; all you need is a creative barber to work the quiff to suit your face shape.

Ensure the hairdresser knows you want to wear your quiff loose before he starts chopping off some weight and going for a specific length.

4. A Cropped Blunt Fringe

The cropped blunt fringe is suitable for all facial shapes. The sides and the back should be faded, but the top should be a blunt forward fringe. When styling, concentrate more on the texture and ensure that the ends of the fringe are blunt.

5. Looking Slick

This style involves side parting, and men should pay more attention to the cutting technique and the products used by their hairdresser. The hairstyle requires a lot of shine, is very tidy, and leans all around the hairline.

6. The Cut

For this haircut, a decent amount of hair is left at the top while the hairdresser removes the length at the back and the sides to a relatively short length.

Clipper the hair at the crown for a tighter and sharper look. This characteristic makes the length at the front part seem exaggerated, and on the other hand, you could try a more classic look where the hairdresser creates a taper at the back.

The hairdresser also clips the sides to give a sharper finish, and you should remember that you want to achieve a natural movement and texture as you use any clippers.

Laura Bartlett

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