The first signs of new trends for 2019 can be observed already in some autumn and winter collections of 2018, but above all on catwalks. In the upcoming year, we will notice details referring to the 1930s and 1980s. Trends from a few years ago will also return to favor. It is worth getting familiar with the fashion premises to start a new year in a good style. Interestingly enough, in order to fit in with new trends, you do not need to change the entire wardrobe. The stylisations described below can be successfully accompanied by the hits of 2018.

Dresses in 2019 – Fashion of the 80s returns in a great style?

The latest outfits, which so far have reigned on the catwalks, show that some trends from the 80s are going to come back. Once trendy wide belts will appear again in 2019 accompanied by contrasting colors. What is more, a variety of striped patterns will be extremely fashionable. The most important, however, is the way they will be arranged – they will be composed in opposite directions, vertically and horizontally. Also, we will be able to observe the striped dresses in the spring collections. In addition, alongside stripes, the wallpaper pattern will return. With tiny patterns and neutral colors, such pattern resembles old wallpaper. It can be said that this pattern will reign on the following year. The dresses with a knot that ideally expose the waist will nobbily enter the fashion as well. They will certainly be accompanied by the aforementioned striped pattern. We will also find a jacket dresses in vogue, the ones directly derived from the 80s. They are ideal for elegant celebrations as well as for work. Moreover, stylists drew inspiration from the 1930s, because phenomenal feathered dresses will surely appear as well.

Fashionable materials and accessories for 2019

The upcoming stylizations will focus on such materials as leather and suede, which regularly and with great success have shaken the fashion world. These materials are not accidental, though. First of all, they will excellently match with fashionable 2019 patterns, such as stripes and wallpaper designs. In addition, outfits with feathers, which were the most popular in the 1930s, will also hit the headlines. What will accompany such outfits are hats stylized for the 80s: the ones with a wide, slightly sloping brim. A trendy accessory will be single, eye-catching earring. Such jewelry is certainly one of the biggest fashion surprises for 2019. In addition, the iconic maxi bags will be popular. They will certainly be enriched with the most fashionable designs and patterns.

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